Which is the most effective method for you to see the preview article before publishing? Everything may be easier and simpler with the support of a helpful Joomla Preview Article Extension we suggested for you below. Let’s start to explore the collection now!

Why should you utilize Joomla Preview Article Extension?

As a content blogger, you always want to make your article attractive and draw a lot of attention from visitors. After finishing an article, you absolutely want to see what it looks like on your site before publishing it. In order to do it easily and effectively, you should install an extension. These days, it has a thousand extensions that you can choose; however, today we help you pick up several powerful Joomla Preview Article Extensions that can help you choose the best more easily. Let’s start now!

Top Excellent Joomla Preview Article Extensions

Better Preview [Free Download]

Better Preview

This Joomla Preview Article Extension allows you to add a preview button for your Joomla articles. Thanks to this, you can have a chance to see how the articles look like on your site before you publish it. In addition, this extension also enables you to alter the way that the view site connects in your admin work.

Provided features:

  • Article Preview
  • Advanced View Site
  • Frontend equivalent of that page
  • Display links to any parent pages


  • Brilliant extension
  • Terrific Product
  • Great Support

Article Carousel For Joomla [Paid Download]

Article Carousel For Joomla

Article Carousel is Joomla Demo Site that you can use to control your article in a carousel design. What’s more, you can also show the article that you allows you to show on a place that you want. It also enables you to select the color of the article content and the font size.

Provided features:

  • Display article publish date
  • Enable or disable touch drag
  • Render article in a carousel format
  • Set article carousel width and height
  • Choose article content color and font size


  • Easy to customize
  • Best Support
  • Easy to understand

CBX Save and Visit Button [Free Download]

Cbx Save And Visit Button

CBX Save and Visit Button is an effective article editor tool that gives you an ability to insert a visit and save button for your article. In addition, it also helps you to get you back to your article easily when you are in the front end.

Provided features:

  • Component Support
  • Button Actions
  • Special Feature

Popular News Items - Vertical Layout

This extension is a great solution that you can use to display many different kinds of articles on your site beautifully. In addition, you can also use this extension to show the newest articles in the sidebar as well as arrange them by hits, random, recently modified first and so on.

Provided features:

  • Show different articles
  • Specific categories
  • Sort articles hits
  • Displays title of the article
  • Intro image or article image

Smart Article Scrollbar [Paid Download]

Smart Article Scrollbar

Here is an effective Joomla Preview Article that allows you to show the common items or articles on your site which includes scrolling effects. In addition, you are also able to choose the articles or category which is from the back end settings as well as alter the styles of articles to make them become compatible on your site.

Provided features:

  • Supported Components
  • Control for The Content
  • Match your Site
  • Custom Font Family and Font Size
  • Auto Fetch Thumbnail Image
  • Dynamic And Customizable
  • Character Limit Control

Article Grid Gallery [Paid Download]

Article Grid Gallery

Here is a great Joomla Extension that allows you to display the article in a gallery interface very easily. Thanks to using this extension, you can also have an opportunity to boost the interaction of your visitors upon your site. Moreover, it also enables you to show the articles with list name and pictures.

Provided features:

  • Choose Which Category to Show
  • Show Category / Images
  • Style-Match with Your Site
  • Latest Updates
  • Control Font Size


In short, we have already shared with you the list of Joomla Preview Article Extensions. Therefore, we believe that after reading the blog, you can quickly select the best one for your site. What’s more? In case you have any queries or trouble related to this topic, simply leave your comment below so that we will answer you.

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