Do you want to own an easy-to-use yet helpful Joomla Multiple site extension to assist you to create multiple sites? If that’s all you wish to have, don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to achieve your goals with the list of many beneficial Joomla Multiple site extensions we bring you below.

What can Joomla Multiple Site Extension do for your site?

This excellent tool will help you build up different sites at the same time. In addition, you are able to change any functions that you like such as removing content or updating the extension. Moreover, this tool allows your customers to keep log-in in case there are any changes from one domain to another.

Top Nice Joomla Multiple Site Extensions

MightySites [Paid Download]


This Joomla Multiple Site Extension enables you to build multiple sites on the same installation and then you can share the database among different sites. In addition, this extension also allows you to generate many virtual sites in subfolders that are arranged on the same installation.

Provided features:

  • Single frontend login/logout
  • Using parked domains
  • Overrides for sites running
  • Run multiple sites on the same installation
  • Sharing database data of default components
  • Cloning databases for new sites
  • Create virtual sites in subfolders


  • Almost magic
  • Perfect and unique
  • Wonderful service

StageIt [Paid Download]


StageIt is an effective Joomla Template Builder that you can use to generate a staging environment very quickly without worrying about any risk on your live site. In addition, through this extension, you are able to change any functions that you like such as delete content or update the extension.

Provided features:

  • Full documentation
  • Purchase includes full support and updates
  • Create a staging environment in seconds
  • Make any changes you like
  • StageIt supports ALL third party extensions
  • A visual button
  • Develop on the staging environment
  • And more


  • Works like a charm
  • A truly invaluable resource
  • Definitely worth the money

Multisites Single Sign In for domains [Paid Download]

Multisites Single Sign In For Domains

Multisites Single Sign In for domains is a Joomla Multiple Site Extension that enables your customers to keep logging in case there are any changes from a domain to another. Moreover, it also provides you an option to work with or without Jms Multi Sites.

Provided features:

  • Remain users logged when it has a change
  • Work with and without Jms Multi Sites
  • Use the same Joomla “secret” configuration value
  • Share the Joomla MySQL tables


  • Install & quickly configure
  • Works fine
  • Excellent Plugin

Multi Sites [Paid Download]

Multi Sites - Joomla Multiple Site Extension

This extension enables you to share Joomla files in order to generate a completely independent site. In addition, you can have the ability to build a website which is according to a website template. A maintenance function is also included to help you monitor the extension as well as fix the data model errors.

Provided features:

  • Extend Joomla with Multi Sites
  • Share the users and extensions
  • A “maintenance” functionality
  • Simplify the maintenance of Joomla
  • Fix the potential data model errors
  • Joomla standard cleanup of the database


  • Excellent support
  • Pretty good
  • Fantastic Component


All in all, using the Joomla Multiple site extension is one of the most effective methods to generate multiple sites without much effort. Therefore, don’t waste time. All you should do now is dig in, try and get the best Joomla extension for your site. If you have any trouble or difficulties, let us know by leaving your comment below, then we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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