These days, there are a ton of Joomla Paid Download Extensions available to help you build an online payment system. That is the reason why you don’t know which is the most suitable one for your site. Don’t be stressed about that because we will support you to deal with this issue by showcasing the most extraordinary Joomla Paid Download Extensions for the Joomla site. You should simply investigate and pick the best one. Now, let’s start to discover the collection.

Why should you install Joomla Paid Download Extension?

If you are running a digital business, you absolutely need a module to help you sell digital products and get the payment. Therefore, installing a Joomla Paid Download Extension is absolutely a great solution for you. Today, in this collection, we help you pick up several powerful extensions with the hope that you can choose the best one. Let’s take a look and get the best one for yourself.

Top Nice Joomla Paid Download Extensions

Digital Market [Free Download]

Digital Market

This a Joomla Paid Download Extension that allows you to manage your paid downloads. In addition, you also upload the document to your site which is from front-end. It also enables your users to upload files as well as set prices for it in an easy way.

Provided features:

  • Upload documents from front-end
  • Define what user groups
  • Definition of permissions on action
  • Specify who does what
  • Download a file, upload
  • Change the currency of the price


  • Work really perfectly
  • Very easy and awesome
  • Top extension

Pay per Download [Free Download]

Pay Per Download

Pay per Download allows you to manage your paid download as well as enable you to sell the gateway of your K2 items, articles, Phoca download files and so on. Besides, you also have the ability to sell the right of publishing items on Kunena Forum. Many different kinds of memberships with many levels and prices are also included.

Provided features:

  • Set the limit to download times.
  • Assign a price to an item
  • Pay for items without registering.
  • Sell license that lasts forever
  • Set an expiration time.
  • Activate the “discount” option
  • Create affiliates programs to promote products


  • Fully Potential
  • Availability support
  • Good documentation

DigiCom [Free Download]


DigiCom is a Joomla eCommerce Plugin that allows you to show as well as download the Digicom. This extension is completely free and open-source that you can use to sell your software. Besides, using this extension, you are also able to sell a large number of products in an easy way.

Provided features:

  • Optimized for speed
  • SEO optimized template
  • Template overriding
  • Email templates
  • Product showcasing
  • One-click template override
  • ACL – Access Control
  • Order management
  • Discount management
  • Customer management
  • And more


  • Working well
  • Good support
  • Quite easy to setup

QuickSell File Seller [Paid Download]

Quicksell File Seller

This extension enables you to sell files in an easy way, for example, mp3, zip archives, PDF as well as many other types of files. In addition, using this extension, you can also upload the files and create a button code for your page.

Provided features:

  • Email Delivery
  • Preview for audio
  • Video and documents
  • multi-language Customizable email templates
  • Customizable email templates
  • PayPal subscriptions payment
  • Multiple buttons on one page
  • File bundle feature
  • And more


  • Work brilliantly and intuitively
  • Exemplary Support
  • Great value for money

PayPal Digital Goods [Paid Download]

Paypal Digital Goods

Here is a Joomla eCommerce Plugin that you can use to sell your downloadable digital items such as zip archives, PDF files, computer applications, android apps and so on. What’s more, it also allows you to insert your products or services in your content articles including product ID.

Provided features:

  • Track purchase and total income
  • 3 Steps to add a digital product
  • 1-Step to publish buy button
  •  Automatic delivery
  • Easy to track net profit
  • Easy to track all PayPal transactions and fees
  • Supports all PayPal currency


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great value for money
  • A most effective and inexpensive way

PayPal IPN Download [Paid Download]

Paypal Ipn Download

This Joomla extension enables you to insert a paypal button into your Joomla articles, modules and so on. It also gives you an ability to sell your digital products as well as send them to your clients in an automatical way. Besides, selling MP3 files, PDF, word files and many other different types of files are included.

Provided features:

  • Simplest panel
  • Secured Download File Directory
  • Simplest setting panel
  • Simplest product manager
  • No Programming Skills Required
  • Buy Button Customization
  • Supports all PayPal currency
  • Easily Product Update
  • And more


  • Great functionality
  • Excellent support
  • Fantastic value for money

MediaShop [Paid Download]


MediaShop is a Joomla Paid Download Extension that gives you an ability to sell your products such as document, software and many kinds of files. Furthermore, you can also set up prices for your products at a particular time and limitation.

Provided features:

  • Handles free downloads, with statistics
  • Detailed logging of all customer activity
  • Create download links in the back end
  • Emails the download link to the customer
  • Controls link validity time and number of downloads
  • Up to four payment options per product
  • Automatic expiry reminders
  • Discounted renewals


  • Well developed documentation
  • Extremely reactive support
  • Great extension

PayPal Express Checkout [Paid Download]

Paypal Express Checkout

This extension allows you to sell your digital items as well as provides you a solution to detect the delivery problems. In addition, you can also display the amount of money that you earn through selling by using an easy dashboard. Sale management and delivery management are also consisted of in this extension.

Provided features:

  • Add the new downloadable product
  • Track your profit
  • Enable HTTP and HTTPS configuration
  • Simplest PayPal setting
  • Downloadable product delivery
  • Track all PayPal transactions and fee
  • Manage the sales and delivery process


  • Quick and good support
  • Good Functionality
  • Work perfectly

Media Store by ExtStore [Paid Download]

Media Store By Extstore

Here is a Joomla Paid Download Extension that you can use to sell downloadable items for example software, ebook, document and so on, after that it also enables you to get money through Moneybookers, 2checkout or Paypal. A lot of effective tools are also contained in this extension to support the sharing button.

Provided features;

  • Support both free and paid products
  • Payment Methods
  • Joomla MVC Standard
  • Email notification system
  • Review system
  • 3 Product Types
  • Multi-level/nested categories
  • SEO Support
  • And more


  • Reasonably complete
  • Excellent Support
  • Awesome support

AM Quick Sale [Paid Download]

Am Quick Sale - Joomla Paid Download Extension

AM Quick Sale is a powerful Joomla Paid Download Extension that includes a large number of plugins and components. In addition, you can insert into any files of content button selling through Paypal. Your customers can also get products directly after they make a payment.

Provided features:

  • PayPal Sandbox
  • Live for each product.
  • Fixed and percent tax.
  • Logging for debugging
  • PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Free download files / Donation.
  • Logging for debugging.
  • Excellent extension
  • Strongly recommended
  • Great functionality


To sum up, it’s a nice recommendation for you to select and use a handy Joomla paid download extension to build up your online payment system. We will be happy and pleased if you can easily and quickly find the best plugin after reading the blog today. Please share it with your friends or anyone who need a paid download extension for Joomla to help them achieve their goals effectively.

Moreover, there are a lot of responsive and professional Joomla 4 Templates here, don’t forget to have a look whenever you need a new theme for your site. Thanks for your visit.

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