JS Front End Jobs (continued)


  • Location: Job Seeker Control Panel >> Jobs By Categories           JobbycatThis lists all categories in the system and shows a count of job next to category name.


Jobbycat 1

Bread Crumbs

Topmenu Emp 2

Top Menu

Jobbycat 2

Page heading with page title

Jobbycat 3

Individual Category with name, number of jobs, particular category

Jobbycat 4

When cursor hovers over this, if this category has any subcategories that will be shown under it and a Show more button will be shown in case number of subcategories in greater that subcategory limit configuration

Jobbycat 5

When clicking on “Show more”, it will show all subcategories in a popup. Each category on the popup will be the same was as a main category

Jobbycat 6

If user clicks on any category or subcategory, they will be taken to jobs listing, Active jobs of that particular category/ subcategory will appear

Configurations that affect this page are

Categories Per Row.
Sub Categories Limit.
Show Count In Jobs By Categories Page.


  • Location: Employer Control Panel >> Jobs by Type


Listing all the types in system and showing a  count of job next to type name

Jobbytype 1

   Bread Crumbs

Topmenu Emp 1 1

Top Menu

Jobbytype 2

Page heading with page title

Jobbytype 3

Individual Job Type, with type name on left and number of job of that particular job type on the right

Jobbytype 4

Clicking on any job type will take to job listing, where only active job of that particular job type will be shown

Configurations that affect this page are

Types Per Row.
Show Count In Jobs By types Page.

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