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  • Location: Job Seeker Control Panel >> Search Job





This portion includes search options which are available. That are title, company, category, type, status, gender, age, salary range, shift, highest education, duration, career level, work permit, required travel, map, longitude, latitude, radius, radius length type, city, zip code, tags, meta keywords. All these options are controlled on field ordering.

Providing search options for job so that user can search job depends on their requirements.

User defines a search criteria and jobs which meets that all will be shown on job listing.

Searchjob 1

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Topmenu Js 2

Top menu

Searchjob 2

Page heading with page title

Configuration that affect this page are: Allow Save Search.



  • Location: Job Seeker Control Panel >> Short Listed Jobs


Job listing page for job seeker, with all the jobs which are short listed by job seekers.

Shortlistedjob 1

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Top Menu

Shortlistedjob 2

Page heading with page title

Shortlistedjob 4

This is individual job, with job title, company logo, company name, gold tag, featured tag, job type, date, category, location(s), salary range, number of jobs, comment(that was written while sort listing) of the job, and some action buttons on bottom left side. There is button for tell a friend, button for show hide comment, button to remove this job from short list listing and apply now. Clicking on job title directing to job information page. Clicking on company name leading to company information page.

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