JS Jobs Credit Pack

  • Location:

Admin Control Panel >> Credits Pack

Admin Right menu >> Credits >> Credits Pack


Credits pack listing page includes all the credits pack which admin has defined.

Creditspack 1

Containing back link links to control panel, page title, add new credits pack button and right menu button.

Creditspack 2

Individual credits pack: having number of credits, credits pack for (job seeker, employer, both), date created, cost (amount and currency), there is credit pack name (title) and two buttons edit (to take to form credits pack with credits pack details already filled) and delete is to delete credit packs if it is not be purchased by any user.


Paginaiton 4



  • Location: Credits Pack >> Add New Credits Pack


This form is used for adding or defining new credits pack in the system.

Formcreditspack 1

Back link links to control panel, page title, and right menu button.

Formcreditspack 2

All the fields for defining a credits pack are: 

Title* : title of credits pack

Price* : amount and currency

Package For* : job seeker, employer or both

Credits* :

Discount :

Discount Type : amount or percentage

Discount Start Date :

Discount End Date :

Discount Message :

Package Expire in Days* : credits pack expiry

Published : status of credits pack

<< Fields that have  (*) next to its title are required >>

Formcreditspack 3

If all the filled required fields  choose save credits pack button is to save credits pack. Cancel button is to close this page and taking back to credits pack listing page.

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