Payment Method Configuration


  • Paypal Enabled: controls to buy now with paypal will be visible or not.
  • User name: Paypal API user name.
  • Signature: Paypal API signature
  • Logo URL: paste the link of your logo that show at Paypal
  • Cancel URL: if user click on “Cancel order” in Paypal, they will be redirected to this page
  • Password: Paypal API password
  • Notify URL: Auto fill, url for notification
  • Test Mode: if you want to test Paypal vis Sanbox, then enable it
  • Language: fill language code for Paypal here i.e EN
  • Get Information From Paypal:

>>> Login to your paypal account

>>> Click on your account.

Paypal Accounts

>>> Click on Profile and open API Credentials tab

Paypal Profile 2

WooCommerce SETTINGS

  • Enabled: to control whether buy now button (to buy with WooCommerce will be visible or not.
  • How to Configure WooCommerce:
If admin want to sell JS Jobs credit packs by using WooCommerce, these below are some simple steps 
that we give you for WooCommerce accommodate JS Jobs credit packs. 
+ A Working WooCommerce
+ Choose a credits pack in JS Jobs
+ In WooCommerce, go to "Product Page" >>> "Add New Product"
+ Fill details information about product such as product's name, description
+ Choose JS Jobs credits from product data combo box
+ Choose price for credits pack 
+ Select credit pack that you want to sell by using package combo
+ Publish.
The credit pack will be added to WooCommerce products.
<< The cost that is charged for the purchase of credit pack will be the one that was 
defined for credit pack as WooCommerce product.>>

When you click on “Buy now” button for any credit pack, which means you defined WooCommerce as a product you will be redirected to WooCommerce – “Check out page” where you will have to fill out information about yourself in “Biling Details” portion and review what you are going to purchase in “Your Order” portion. Then, select your payment method you want, click “Place Order” button. The order will be placed, right away when your payment successful, you will get your credit pack.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving comment below or through Contact Form, we will answer as soon as possible!


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