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Add interesting games into your site with top best Joomla Game Extension!

These days, inserting games to your site is a good way to increase the traffic and page views of your site. By playing games, your visitors can be engaged in your site for a long time. Our article today includes several powerful Joomla Game Extension that helps you to choose the best one easily. Let’s take a look now!

1. Master-League Sports Prediction Game [Free Download]

Master-League Sports Prediction Game

Here is a Joomla Game Extension that provides you a funny game where you can predict scores of matches as well as make a competition with other players. This also contains a lot of versions and add-ons such as champions leagues, top-rated players and so on.

Provided features:

  • Promotion-relegation system
  • Choose points for a correct score prediction
  • Optional Champions Leagues addon
  • Multiple leagues
  • Easy team import
  • PremierLeague
  • Ans more


  • Excelente component
  • Simple
  • Great support

2. MyPuzzle Sliding [Free Download]

MyPuzzle Sliding

MyPuzzle Sliding allows you to connect with your photo gallery and change background colors in order to be suitable with your themes or layouts. In addition, this extension also consists of 3 different levels:  3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 that adapt almost your requirements.

Provided features:

  • Link Image Library
  • Change background color
  • Change the size of the puzzle
  • Sliding puzzles
  • 3 different levels
  • Enable or disable hints


  • Great Puzzle
  • Very easy to use

3. YoFlash [Free Download]


This Joomla Gaming Template allows you to build a beautiful gaming website or a gaming list easily and quickly. Thanks to using this extension, you can embed a variety of games into your site as well as upload more than 100 games at the same time.

Provided features:

  • RSS Feed for all categories
  • SEF support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Embed games to your site
  • Integrated Rating system
  • Support for OSMAP
  • Integrates into Joomla Menus
  • Save their favorite games
  • And more

4. CFlappy [Free Download]


CFlappy is an interesting Joomla Game Extension which is another kind of flappy bird game. Thanks to this, you can enjoy this game on your Joomla site in a fantastic way.

Provided features:

  • Another flappy bird
  • A lot of better function
  • Funny game

5. MyPuzzle Jigsaw [Free Download]

MyPuzzle Jigsaw

This extension allows you to change photos of your game easily because it connects with your photo library. You can also change the size of puzzles with many different levels between 2×2 to 20×20. Also, you have an ability to change the color of the background in order to become suitable with your layouts and themes.

Provided features:

  • MyPuzzle Image Gallery
  • Change sizes of the puzzle
  • Show or hide the preview
  • Link your own Image Library
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Many different levels
  • Enable or disable rotation


  • Easy install
  • Very impressive
  • Fun addition

6. JCustomWheel [Free Download]


This extension gives you a punny Wheel Game with a lot of custom values. Because Canvas is responsive, you can play it on any gadgets. Furthermore, you are also able to insert the color picker in the backend as well as change the lightest color picker.

Provided features:

  • Add color picker in backend
  • Set an example file
  • Play with values define
  • Borders and font colors
  • Inner Radius
  • Text Radius

7. JT Tetris game [Free Download]

JT Tetris game

JT Tetris game is a Joomla Game Extension which is a custom version of Tetris. This extension is completely compatible with Mootools. In addition, you can also set the color figures and load mootools as well.

Provided features:

  • Settings load Mootools
  • Browser support
  • Work on Mootools
  • Color Settings figures


  • Works really well
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent

8. ScratchPad [Free Download]


This extension helps you to change the color of overlay and cursors. Moreover, you can insert the option of photo overlay and change local folders. It also enables you to insert the color picker in order to change the color of your site. Many other powerful features are also included.

Provided features:

  • Choice Category
  • Modify image size
  • Add image overlay option
  • Change color picker
  • Add Color picker to change color
  • Change cursors

9. MyPuzzle Find The Pair [Free Download]

MyPuzzle Find The Pair

MyPuzzle Find The Pair is a Joomla Gaming Template that is fully compatible with direct playable and online puzzle. You can also change the background and card color easily because this extension connects with your photo library. Moreover, this extension is also compatible with a direct playable and online puzzle.

Provided features:

  • Link your own Image Library
  • Change background and card color
  • Added Joomla 3 support
  • MyPuzzle Image Gallery
  • Change sizes of the puzzle
  • Online puzzle, direct playable
  • And more

10. UserPoints Slot Machine [Paid Download]

UserPoints Slot Machine

UserPoints Slot Machine enables you to set a SlotMachine page for your Joomla site. You can also choose to integrate or not integrate this extension with user points. In addition, thanks to performances statistics, you can ensure your SlotMachine settings to earn points.

Provided features:

  • Allow or not free play
  • Redirect to a ‘Purchase Points’
  • Support for JackPot Activity Stream
  • Work with or without user points
  • Performances Statistics
  • Advanced AJAX slot machine


  •  Works straight
  • Lots of options
  • Very easy to install


We hope that this collection is helpful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Moreover, you can refer to free Joomla templates to insert games to your site.

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