How is WordPress Menu Plugin crucial for your site?

Before starting to compare Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu, let’s discuss some main information about the menu plugin for WordPress. A WordPress Menu Plugin is known as a powerful tool to help you create an eye-catching and flexible menu on your WordPress site. Although there is an available WordPress menu, it is clear that owning a plugin menu will provide you more customizable features than the default one. So, what are the outstanding functions that a good WordPress Menu Plugin brings you?

First of all, it will offer you many responsive menu designs that are always perfect on all kinds of mobile devices. Besides that, menu building options seem extensive so that you can generate a mega menu if you want. Another plus point is that it gives you the ability to add many media and icons, so the menu becomes more visual. The last reason is that it will integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and all WordPress themes.

Because of the strong assistance of the WordPress Menu Plugin, it’s not difficult and complicated for you to erect a wonderful menu (even a mega menu) for your site. However, among thousands of WordPress menu plugins, which one is really good and meets your needs? In order to answer this question, today, we decide to provide you 2 WordPress Menu Plugins which are the most popular: Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu. Besides that, we will compare them relied on 3 aspects: price, feature, and ease of use. Therefore, you can easily and conveniently select the best one for your site. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s start now!

Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu: Overview

Max Mega Menu is a WordPress plugin that will change your current menu into a mega menu. Since it provides more than 100 editing options, you can freely restyle your menu and make it become the more stunning one you want. Besides that, although its interface is quite complicated and hard to understand the first time, you can spend time exploring it. So, you can realize that it has a well-organized interface. Moreover, with the help of this plugin, you are able to manage the menu as well as make it become user-friendly.

Max Mega Menu Vs Wp Mega Menu Overview1

On the other hand, WP Mega Menu is a powerful tool helping you build a navigation menu. This plugin comes with 14 pre-made designs to help you save time in building a stunning menu for your site. If you desire to generate a menu or mega menu, it will provide you drag-drop tools combined with many editing options, including custom fonts, colors, and attributes. Besides that, this plugin is also fully responsive, supporting you to use it on any kind of device.

Max Mega Menu Vs Wp Mega Menu Overview2

Both Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu have similar dominant and outstanding points in helping you create a perfect menu for your site. However, there are differences between them that we will start to compare now. So, don’t hesitate to go with us to discover which is the most suitable WordPress Menu Plugin for your site!

The price comparison

Max Mega Menu WP Mega Menu
Free Version Yes Yes
Pro Version $29 – $99

Personal Licence: $29/ year (use on 1 site)

Business Licence: $49/ year (use on 5 sites)

Developer Licence: $99/ year (use on 99 sites)

$29 – $79

Individuals: $29/ year (use on 1 site)

Freelancers: $49/ year (use on 5 site)

Agencies: $79/ year (use on unlimited site)

As you can see in the table above, not only Max Mega Menu but also WP Mega Menu offers a free version to assist you to check out before purchasing the premium package. In addition, the pricing plans for personal/ individual as well as for business/ freelancer of 2 plugins are the same ($29 and $49). However, when you want to buy the developer/agency package, you have to pay $99 for Max Mega Menu meanwhile you just spend $79 for WP Mega Menu. Therefore, WP Mega Menu is cheaper than Max Mega Menu in the last pricing package of the pro version.

Furthermore, when you decide to purchase the pro version of Max Mega Menu, you will receive some important support policies, including one-year support, taxes, a 30-day money-back guarantee. What’s more? The Developer Licence will provide you with a lifetime updating.

Conversely, if you have an intention to use WP Mega Menu with an advanced version, you will get 1 free installation service for individuals package, 2 for freelancers, and 5 for agencies one. In addition, all updating services will be offered in a year. Moreover, if you hope to own a lifetime package and many support policies, you have to pay from $199 to $499.

In a nutshell, WP Mega Menu is a winner in this round because of the affordable price in the developer/ agencies package.

The feature comparison

Although both Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu have some resemblances in features, there are many dissimilarities between them. So, in this Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu battle, we will carry out to analyze, compare and contrast to make them clear.

Types of menu & menu structure

Max Mega Menu WP Mega Menu
Tabs & Columns Structure Yes Yes
Floating Menu No No
Secondary Menu No Yes
Submenu Yes Yes
Vertical Menu Yes Yes
Horizontal Menu Yes Yes
Hamburger Menu Yes No
Mobile Menu No Yes

The table above has already shown you the similarities and differences between Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu in terms of types of menu and menu structure. While Max Mega Menu doesn’t bring you the features related to Floating Menu, Secondary Menu, and Mobile Menu, WP Mega Menu also provides you with Secondary Menu, but Hamburger Menu is not.

In other words, if you use Max Mega Menu, you can’t display a second menu bar on the same page, make the navigation bar move around the page, or generate a mobile mega menu. Meanwhile, you won’t allow creating a three-line icon that opens to reveal a navigation menu.

Styling options

Both of the plugins contain all styling options for building an eye-catching and professional menu. They are background, box-shadow, border, typography, placing, icons, badges, drop-down arrows, and animation.

Slide-out, slide-in and dropdown are 3 features that Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu own. However, both of them don’t include a push feature. That means you can’t shift the site content down in proportion to your menu height when you use Max Mega Menu or WP Mega Menu.

Types of content and content displaying

Both Max Mega Menu and WP Mega Menu have basic and vital types of content that you can add, such as images, icons, videos, descriptions, product categories, and more. However, when we mention content displaying, WP Mega Menu can help you create items from post or term content as well as arrange content by categories, date, author, etc. In contrast, Max Mega Menu can’t support you to do that.

Mobile responsive menu

Max Mega Menu WP Mega Menu
Submenu close button on touch screens Yes Yes
Hide Items for different screen sizes Yes Yes
Independently placeable responsive toggle No Yes

As we compare about types of menu and menu structure, Mobile Menu is not included in Max Mega Menu. So, it will lead to the result that you are not able to place the menu toggle in any part of the screen. However, the functions related to mobile responsive menu, such as submenu close button on touch screens or hide items for different screen sizes also offered. WP Mega Menu has 3 aspects that you can see on the table.

Advanced managing options

Max Mega Menu WP Mega Menu
Sticky Menu Yes Yes
Change Site Logo Yes Yes
Add Login Form No Yes
Add Breadcrumbs No No
Add Auth Links No Yes
Add Registration Form No Yes
Add Shopping Cart Icon Yes Yes
Custom Menus For Different Pages Yes, use coding No
Custom Multi-level Dropdown Menu Yes Yes
AJAX Loading Yes No
Reset No No
Export & Import Options No Yes
Preset Manager No Yes

When we talk about advanced options for management, it’s clear that Max Mega Menu gives you fewer features than WP Mega Menu. That is to say, Max Mega Menu provides you only 5 advanced managing functions (1 of these requires coding skills), whereas WP Mega Menu can bring you 9 plus points. Therefore, it’s easy for you to recognize that WP Mega Menu is far superior to Max Mega Menu.

To sum up, in the feature battle, WP Mega Menu defeated Max Mega Menu. 

The ease of use comparison

Max Mega Menu Vs Wp Mega Menu

This is the interface when you install Max Mega Menu. As you can see in the picture, this plugin will be divided into 6 parts, including General Settings, Menu Bar, Mega Menus, Flyout Menus, Mobile Menu, Custom Styling. In each part, there are many aspects for you to set up so that you can create a menu in your own style. However, if you don’t have much technical know-how, it’s quite difficult and complex for you to understand all the concepts. Hence, you need to spend more time to find out as well as check out to understand clearly.

Max Mega Menu Wp Mega Menu 2

Conversely, WP Mega Menu comes with a simple interface. So, you can easily customize your menu with the available selections. What’s more? You are able to adjust some parameters to suit your requirements. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a lot of time building a perfect menu with the help of the WP Mega Menu.

All in all, WP Mega Menu is also a winner in a term of the ease of use. 

Max Mega Menu vs WP Mega Menu: Wind-up

Since WP Mega Menu is better than Max Mega Menu in all 3 rounds, so WP Mega Menu is a king in this battle. In order to encapsulate the content of today’s comparison so that you can easily have an overall rating, we will showcase some main information about the 2 plugins. With Max Mega Menu, it is a wonderful programmed plugin without any errors. This plugin provides you a lot of customizable options but some are missing. If you want to build up a menu with Max Mega Menu, you need to learn about CSS. On the other hand, WP Mega Menu is more outstanding than Max Mega Menu because its price is cheaper. In addition, it is very easy to use even for a beginner. The features of the WP Mega Menu are more varied than Max Mega Menu.

After reading this blog, which one do you want to use? Let’s decide to choose the most suitable one for your site. Besides that, if you need to find out more plugins to help you build an engaging and professional menu, don’t miss WordPress Menu Plugin here. Last but not least, in case you are looking for more attractive and impressive themes for your site, you can get Free WordPress Themes without any trouble. If you have any questions or recommendations, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below so that we can reply to you as soon as possible.

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