What are advantages of this New Media Manager from Joomla 4?

Accompany with this big upgrade is Joomla 4 various amazing new features for us to explore, some of them are Framework 2.0, Bootstrap 4 integration, New Joomla 4 UI, New media manager, etc. At previous blog post, we have described a general view of Joomla newest features, one of them is the new Media Manager. Today article will discuss more this great feature about how it works, improves as well as the new features built-in.

1. Media Manager New UI

Media Menu in Joomla version 3 is below the menu item “Content”. Now with Joomla 4, it will be moved to the parent menu item. Many new features and advanced working panel UI are added for making users possible to manage media files.

2. Drag-drop to upload multiple files at the same time

This new feature saves your time a lot and makes everything easier to upload multiple files at the same moment with drag-drop uploading.

3. Built-in Image Editing Tools

Feature “Image edition” will be introduced with Joomla 4 new media manager, which supports you edit images from the backend without using any other tool. As soon as you click on the ellipsis icon over the picture, list of options includes “Preview”, “Edit”, “Rename”, and “Delete an image” will appear.

Image editors: Within few clicks with “Image editor”, it is possible for you to edit an image and give it a completely new look with image quality choice.

  • Crop options which allow you to crop an image with choosing height&width and by X-Y axis.

  • Resize option is to set custom image width&height.

  • Rotate options for rotating image (it is possible to rotate up to 360°).

And more options to manage the files:

  • Rename – To change the name of the image.

  • Preview – When a user clicks on Preview(Lens) icon, there is a big size of the image will appear in the nice and neat view.

  • Delete – Allows you to remove the image by clicking on the Trash icon.

4. Zoom-in & zoom-out option

With this new Media Manager, you are able to control the size of image thumbnail from small to large views by clicking (+) or (-) button on the screen’s top right and enjoy how great it is.


5. Image Properties

You can also check Image properties such as size, type, dimension, created date, modified date,… in the media manager easily. Just simply choose the image you want to check and click on the Information icon on the top right. To see properties of other images, you just need to click on it, that’s it!

6. Detail View and Thumbnail

On the page top right corner, you can see a new sight of Thumbnail and Detail View buttons. With just a click, you can change to a different view.

7. Global options configuration for Joomla 4 media

Media Manager provides Global options to set types of files, file maximum size, path to folder of image, restrict uploads, etc.

It is possible to set level of access for users/group of users to access Media Manager from media Permission configuration panel.


That’s all for our article about New Media Manager of Joomla 4! Have you found something interesting here? We cannot wait till the release date and explore the amazing new features of Joomla 4! Let’s wait for it together and don’t forget to get a well ready for this new release! Don’t hesitate to share with your friend if you think it’s useful!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image credit: Gavick



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