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As a huge Joomla fan, you should be aware of Joomla 3.8.1 release (see our Joomla 3.8 templates) which has been released for just over a week. From then Joomla development team has started plan for Joomla 4 already. Joomla 4 is on its way forming a shape and we cannot wait until its release. However, as always, along with new upgrade version is number of compatibility problem as well as confused feeling about its new look and features. Let’s see what we have below is useful for you in someway.

Roadmap of Joomla 4

Plan for Joomla 4 has been warmed up from Joomla 3.8 release. By the 3.9’s release date we will have an exact announcement about its stage. These two significant updates play an important role in cleaning for a smooth transition road to Joomla 4.

Joomla 3.8

Joomla 3.8, as we knew, was released on September 19, 2017 by Michael Babker and his volunteers team. Coming with Joomla 3.8 is compatibility layer of Joomla 4 for making things easier for extension developers to make everything compatible for Joomla 4.

Joomla 3.9

As a next step in release plan of Joomla 4, Joomla 3.9 will be released along with all the API changes backports from development branches of Joomla 4 so that we can have a smooth upgrade. Main features of Joomla 3.9 will be the same with Joomla 3.8 which is compatibility layer.

George Wilson is leader who is in charge of releasing both Joomla 3.9 and 4.

What will we have with the new Joomla 4.0?

These are some new features that you should know about upcoming Joomla 4:

  • Core UI, based on Bootstrap 4 new improvement
  • Refactored event management system.
  • Joomla Framework packages more using.
  • Mootools from the codebase remove. JQuery is not in the core any longer but still available.
  • Frontend template Aurora.
  • Page loading quicker
  • Service container for global dependency management/injection introduction.
  • Framework agnostic web components introduction
  • New media manager.
  • MVC layer improvements.
  • Backend template Atum.

How does it look in Joomla 4?

These are some figured look of Joomla 4. Let’s see what we have here:









As usual, accompanying with new upgrade version is a series of compatibility problems that we have to concern about. If you are still stucked in these problems, let’s see what we have below is helpful for you or not.

What should I prepare for big upgrade to Joomla 4?

There are only a few footsteps away from Joomla 4 release. The main orientation for Joomla 4.0 is how to get the best smooth transition possible and minimize compatibility related problems. Besides, version 3.9 will be released and supported for 2 years. It means you will have nearly 2 years to update your site completely to Joomla 3.x, and it is important to update it gradually to the latest version, so your site can adopt with newest technologies.

Why should we adopt PHP 7 but not keeping safe in comfortable zone?

PHP 7 is now more and more well known by Joomla users generally, not many website still developed on PHP 5.5 or previous versions. In addition, Joomla 4 is a future that we are heading to and it cannot be denied. Therefore, it’s time to adopt new technologies and get your best experiences with it.

That’s all of information that we want to share with you today about the upcoming Joomla 4. Joomla team has done a good job  and they will never stop until we have a better experience.  And of course we will release Joomla 4 templates as soon as Joomla 4 launch. Let’s expect and hope for an outstanding release together. Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question for this article, please feel free to contact us by leaving comment below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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