Have you ever got Refresh manifest cache failed: Extension is not currently installed?

As you know, the manifest cache is understood as a field in the #_extensions table containing the information of the extension manifest file. It will appear whenever the updating reports the errors. When you are upgrading the Joomla 2.x or 3.x version via the extensions manager, sometimes, you may get Refresh manifest cache failed: Extension is not currently installed. If you want to fix the issue, then don’t miss the blog today.

Refresh Manifest Cache Failed: Extension Is Not Currently Installed

How to fix Refresh manifest cache failed: Extension is not currently installed

In order to solve the trouble, let’s follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Joomla Admin, then access Extensions-> Extensions Manager -> Discover -> Purge Cache.
  • Move on to Extension Manager -> Database -> Fix.
  • Go to Extension Manager -> Discover -> Discover.
  • Install the found modules/extensions/plugins.

After following the 4 steps above, you will see the warning disappears.

Many Joomla users wonder if this warning appears, is the installation safe? Don’t worry because it should be safe. You won’t encounter any errors after updating and installing.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we hope that the short guide today will help you address the problem quickly and effectively. If you have any idea to deal with the issue, then don’t hesitate to share it with us. So, the comment box below will be for you to showcase your idea. Besides, let’s follow us since we will come back with many troubleshoot blogs to help you tackle the troubles related to Joomla and WordPress. Furthermore, do you wish to get a wonderful template for your Joomla site? Why don’t you take a look at many responsive Joomla 4 Templates here?

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