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With modern web designs, it is necessary for website owners to introduce animation on their websites. WordPress offers a great way to get started with it. Let’s discover the collection of WordPress Animation Plugin!

Creating animation with WordPress has become comfortable with the help of different free and paid animation plugins in WordPress. Here, we have curated a list of free WordPress Animation Plugin that you can use on your WordPress site to make things appealing to your customers.

1.  Responsive Menu

With the Responsive Menu plugin, you can choose how you want your menu to move around with spinning buttons, fading, and color transformations. The plugin even allows you to set which side of the page the menu appears on, what kind of fonts you want to use, and what the background color should look like.

Provided Features:

  • 150 customisable options
  • Full Knowledgebase and dedicated support forum
  • Fully unit tested
  • Change every text, background and border colour
  • Choice of which Menu to use


  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Great plugin

2.  WP SVG images

Responsive SVG is one of the best animation plugins available to us which will help you to create animations and publish them within a few seconds. It can be customized as per your needs. You will also be able to use your own fonts. Moreover, it allows you to add unlimited animations on a single page.

Provided Features:

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Can be viewed on all popular websites
  • Customization options are also available
  • Powerful admin panel


  • Efficient
  • Nice
  • Great plugin

3.  Animate It!

Animate It is an animation WordPress plugin which is teeming with features. You may add as many animations as you want to on your website. You will also be able to adjust the timings of each animation. Furthermore, there are over 50 different animation styles available to you. Besides, the animations can be viewed on tabs and mobile devices also.

Provided Features:

  • Allow to apply CSS3 animations
  • Over 50 animations included
  • Ability to start the animation on load/click/hover/scroll
  • Custom CSS support
  • Enable/disable animations on smartphones and tablets


  • Simple to use
  • Great support
  • Lightweight

4.  Page scroll to id

Page scroll to id is a fully-featured plugin which replaces browser’s “jumping” behavior with a smooth scrolling animation when links with href value containing hash are clicked. It provides all the basic tools and advanced functionality for single-page websites, in-page navigation, back-to-top links etc.

Provided Features:

  • Adjustable scrolling animation duration and easing
  • Link and target highlighting via ready-to-use CSS classes
  • Vertical and/or horizontal scrolling
  • Scrolling from/to different pages
  • Insert link and target id buttons in post visual editor


  • Responsive
  • Great support
  • Simple

5.  Page Animations And Transitions

Page Animations and Transitions is a free WordPress animation plugin. It has some of the most brilliant features which will enable you to add different types of animations to your website. What is more, it is completely free of cost and can be downloaded with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Provided Features:

  • Include 9 animation effects
  • Allow to select page in/out animations
  • Set Page In Animation Effect
  • Ability to set page in/out duration
  • Offer various preloader settings


  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Great plugin

6.  Typing Effect

Typing Effect plugin allows you to generate simple shortcodes that type out words on your post or page, in a widget or in your theme template file. Large blocks of text or bullet points might draw attention away from your images. This plugin could be a great way to list the kind of photography you offer to your clients instead.

Provided Features:

  • ‘Type out’ words on to a page or post
  • Based on the Typed.js typing animation script
  • Simply add your words or sentences
  • Configure settings


  • Nice
  • Effective
  • Great plugin

7.  Amazing Hover Effects

This plugin will give you a great hover effects collection. By this, you can set a background image and color and gives you all options to set images with animations as per your choice. In addition, it has easy installation and compatible with visual composer.

Provided Features:

  • Over 76 hover effects included
  • Offer 5 different styles
  • Ability to customize thumbnail, font, colors, etc.
  • Shortcode available
  • Allow to adjust the image size on mobile/iPad.


  • Simple
  • Understandable interface
  • Cool effects

8.  Master Slider

Master Slider is a very good WordPress animation plugin which will allow you to add text and videos to your animations. You will get a lot of readymade templates with this plugin which can be customised easily. Additionally, itt is extremely flexible and is also SEO friendly.

Provided Features:

  •  Smart Loading Assets
  • Compatible with WordPress themes
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • Option to apply parallax effects when scrolling
  • Allow to preview the animation in real-time
  • Easy to Use Interface


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple options
  • Friendly support

9.  Image Hover Effects

Image Hover Effects is perhaps the simplest plugin available on the market for inserting hover effect functionality into your WordPress experience. There are more than forty different hover effects to choose from, and it couldn’t be simpler to get started.You can even create multiple categories of hover effects with different shortcodes. There’s also the option to choose custom borders, custom height and widths for images, and more.

Provided Features:

  • Pure CSS3 Effects
  • Lightbox Enabled
  • Fully Responsive
  • 40+ Hover Effects
  • Show Images in Slider
  • 10+ Animations on Scroll
  • Multiple Shortcodes


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Perfect support
  • Nice

10.  WP Smoother

WP Smoother – Smooth Scroll Anchor Scroll Fade Animations is a free WordPress plugin which helps the user to trigger animations on their page, post or widgets. It is fully customizable so, you can edit every effect can be adjusted as per your wish.

Provided Features:

  • Smooth Mouse Wheel Scrolling
  • Smooth Anchor Scrolling
  • Fade Animations on Page Load
  • And More


  • Flexible
  • Smooth
  • Great support


Thanks for reading! We hope that this article about the collection of top WordPress Animation Plugin can help you create an attractive website! If you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible.

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