If you want to build a successful tour/travel booking website, it is crucial for you to install a WordPress Tour Booking plugin for your website. With the advent of WordPress tour booking plugins, businesses now have the power to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and ultimately unlock their true potential. Whether your business caters to room reservations, flight bookings, or customized package tours, this blog offers a collection of top-notch plugins in the market. Hence, you can read over and choose the best one for your travel agency.

What are the necessary features of WordPress Tour Booking Plugin?

WordPress Tour Booking Plugins are essential tools for businesses or individuals offering tour services. These plugins help streamline the booking process, manage reservations, and enhance the overall user experience. If you find it difficult to choose a high-quality WordPress Tour Booking Plugin, let’s read a lot of the key features of a good plugin that we mentioned below.

  • Flexible Booking Options:

This feature ensures that you can easily create and accommodate different types of tours, activities or services. It should include useful options for setting tour durations, available time slots and pricing structures.

  • Real-Time Availability Calendar:

By using a plugin that offers a dynamic calendar feature, you can display real-time availability for each tour or activity. Additionally, you will easily update as well as manage availability to prevent overbooking.

  • Payment Integration:

A plugin that supports multiple payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, or other relevant options, allowing you to easily get payments via different methods.

  • Multi-Language and Currency Support:

If you want to reach global guests, it’s important to choose a plugin including this feature. Because you can build a multilingual travel website and display your content in multiple languages for a global audience when using this plugin.

  • Customizable Email Notifications:

This feature helps you automatically send email notifications for booking confirmation, reminders and other relevant communication. Some plugins offer customizable email templates that allow you to modify to match the branding of your website.

6 Best WordPress Tour Booking Plugins For Travel Agency

Travel Agency Companion

Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin

This Travel Agency Companion plugin is trusted by over 10,000 Travel Agencies due to its powerful features and flexibility. By using this plugin, you are able to generate a wide range of unlimited tours with customizable tour details, pricing, duration, trip facts, etc. It also allows clients to easily search and find their favourite tours with advanced trip search and filter options including destination, activities, trip types, etc.

Further, it is completely compatible with WPML and Polylang, automatically displaying your tour price in different languages based on customers’ geolocation. Notably, it supports plenty of payment gateways so your customers can make payments quickly.

Key features:

  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Increase conversion rate with progress bar
  • Empower guests to find tour quickly
  • Translate your website into local languages
  • Create multilingual websites to reach a wider audience
  • Automatically convert the tour price to the guest’s local currency based on their location
  • Create travel packages with departure dates and times


  • Easy to use and customize
  • Support a lot of languages
  • Compatible with WPML and Polylangg


Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin 1 Scaled

Tourfic is specially designed to help travel agencies, hotels, and resorts easily create and manage all tour packages. It is packed with a wide array of powerful features that are necessary for booking websites. For example, it allows you to create unlimited hotels, and rooms and set prices for each room. Customers can easily register accounts an book their favourite hotel, apartment, and tour plans.

Another great feature is that Tourfic is built based on Woocommerce, so this tool can work well with any Woocommerce payment plugin. It allows you to set up Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net or even your country-specific payment gateways without effort.

Key features:

  • Add Unlimited Hotels
  • Add Unlimited Rooms
  • Set room price per Room
  • Hotel Photo Gallery
  • Features, FAQs, and Terms & Conditions per Room
  • Room availability check based on Ajax
  • Dedicated Customer Review System
  • Offer a lot of social sharing option (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Enquiry / Ask a Question Form
  • Wishlist for Hotels


  • Multiple payment gateway support
  • Pabbly and Zapier Integration
  • Easy booking management

WP Travel

Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin 2

WP Travel Plugin is the go-to WordPress tour booking plugin for travel firms looking to streamline operations within the WordPress environment. This powerful plugin provides unequalled versatility, allowing travel firms to easily adapt every element of their products. Besides that, WP Travel Plugin offers a comprehensive framework for organizing itineraries and improving client booking experiences.

Its SEO-friendly and scalable design enables customers to simply construct dynamic itineraries and trip packages, saving important development time. Users may produce analytical reports based on date ranges, categories, and locations using an in-built booking stat tool. The plugin offers both free and paid services for individual journeys and the free version includes standard PayPal and bank deposit methods.

Key features:

  • Create an unlimited number of tour packages
  • Allow users to find their required itineraries with tour filters easily
  • Allow you to add paid or free service
  • Offer an in-build booking statistic
  • Allow you to add multiple pricing and multiple dates for a single trip
  • Add tax to the price of the trips if you wish
  • Display an exchange rate table on your website
  • Set different recurring dates


  • Compatible with WPML, Elementor, Yoast
  • Support a lot of payment gateways

WP Travel Engine

Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin 3

WP Travel Engine is also a famous WordPress Tour Booking Plugin that you should try. This plugin helps tons of businesses to create travel and tour booking websites without effort. Similar to other plugins, it also allows you to create unlimited travel packages. Then, you can add departure dates and times to all the tours. It enables you to generate an enriched itinerary with a text editor, meals, duration, accommodation, etc.

Further, it gives you the capability to offer a group discount which helps boost revenue by increasing the average order value (AOV). Further, this tool allows you to keep track of your guest booking journey, allowing you to know which pages they viewed before booking and how much time they spent on each page. Another good point is that the trips embedded feature enables you to embed your trips in your blog posts. Thanks to that, you may drive more visitors to your trip pages and improve reservations.

Key features:

  • Add departure dates and times to all the tours
  • Create an enriched itinerary
  • Create custom emails according to trips, making your emails feel personal and relevant
  • Create customizable and personalized email templates for booking and payment notifications
  • Automatically converts the tour price to local currency by detecting the guests’ location
  • Add weather forecast information to each trip


  • Supports all major payment gateways
  • An easy-to-use itinerary builder
  • Advanced Search Engine


Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin 4

After installing the Yatra plugin, you can create and manage your trip/tour booking website easily. It is packed with plenty of useful options that allow you to configure the tour packages and their pricing. You may even change your pricing based on the availability calendar. Besides that, this plugin is famous for its flexibility & easy setup process. Hence, you may easily adjust its look, add payment gateways, add any more functionality via add-ons, and quickly override the theme’s templates. Moreover, this tool provides users with great support and regular updates.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Travel & Tour Package with Activity & Destination pages
  • Easy & Smart booking process
  • Flexible/Dynamic Pricing with pricing label
  • Dynamic frontend tabs
  • Availability calendar with dynamic day-wise pricing
  • Booking Calendar
  • Enquiry form
  • Unlimited Travel and Tour Categories


  • Clean interface
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Different payment gateways support


Wordpress Tour Booking Plugin 5

WPTravelly is a remarkable WordPress Tour Booking Plugin developed by the MagePeople Team. This plugin is a perfect solution for tour operators and travel agencies because it has many robust features that help you effectively create and sell numerous tour packages. A unique feature is that this plugin allows tour operators to sell packages based on hotel prices, calculating costs by using room rates and the duration of stay.

If you install the pro version, you can unlock the custom form feature that allows travel agencies to collect specific guest details essential for travel arrangements. By using this feature, you can simplify data collection and organize information seamlessly.

Key features:

  • Offer unlimited tour listing option
  • Access and review your guest list in a clear list view
  • Automatically create a PDF ticket
  • Export guest information for trips
  • Allow customers to receive personalized emails with a convenient PDF ticket
  • Easily find your tours using filter options


  • Support for all payment methods
  • Responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Multilingual translation support


After reading our description about 6 top-notch WordPress Tour Booking plugins, then which is your favourite solution? In our point of view, WP Travel Engine is a great option to try because it includes a lot of essential features for a tour/travel website. In addition, it not only offers a free version but also offers a paid version with a low starting price of $99.

Hopefully, our collection won’t let you be disappointed. By the way, you can visit our website and discover tons of free WordPress Themes for your website. They include a lot of beautiful themes designed for travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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