How to install quickstart package using Akeeba kickstart?

How to install quickstart package using Akeeba kickstart?

Step by step how to install quickstart package using Akeeba kickstart?

As you know, most of template provider use Akeeba Backup to backup template with sample data to make simple Quickstart file and Kickstart (restore) file with Akeeba Kickstarter. This blog to show step by step how to install Quickstart package with Akeeba.

With our template, we’re mentioning to LT Business as an example template in this case. You can download LT Business template for Joomla! 2.5 at here. This quickstart package includes Joomla! core, LT Business template, sample data. Let start it!


Step 1: Download quickstart package (example: LT Business template)


Login to Customer Area, go to section Download and download file ‘LT Business Quickstart Package’.

Step 2: Log into your cPanel

Here we are doing a few things:11

A pop up will appear, select the radio button for “Document Root For” and then in the drop box select the website you are wanting to upload the quickstart into. (If you only have one website then you have an easier selection here… one!)


Go to ‘Web Applications” and select the Joomla website that you already installed the awesome LTheme template into.


Please installed the template onto for your website  then you wanting to select the Joomla install for that website.

Select the tab called “Files & Tables”


Then this page appears


Keep this page open… YOU NEED THIS DATA!

Step 3:   Navigate to the tab where File Manager is waiting

The File Manager is broken into two views, on the left is the menu and on the right is the display screen.


Double click on the file menu titled “public_HTML”

Note: If you have only the one website, then move to step 4.

If you have multiple sites like we have here, then double click on the site you are wanting to upload into, if you recall mine is, so I will double click on that address in the file menu like so;


Step 4: Upload Quickstart Package

You will have noticed when you selected your desired folder, on the right a whole new file opened up, this is where you are going to install your

So, let’s do it… Right under the title “File Manager” on the top left of the screen, you will see this menu, click on “Upload”


A new page will open and you will now click on the “Choose File” button, locate the then click “Open”


Automatically File Manager will start uploading the package to your hosting site (File Manager).


Once this is done the status bar at the bottom right will show “complete” now you can click the hyperlink in the middle of the screen saying ← Go Back to “/home


You will see on the right hand side window pane the zip file you’ve uploaded, now here is where you need to start paying attention.

Step 5: Extract File(s)

Click on the package once so that it is highlighted, then up the top, the second last menu item select “Extract”


A pop up will appear and select “Extract File(s)”

WARNING: If you are presented with this popup, then your system failed the upload, delete the zip file and try again from step 4 (Sorry)


Step 6: Successful upload

If it was a successful upload then you will have this type of result – YAY! Click close


Step 7: Unzip file

After downloaded Quickstart package, you unzip in your hosting and you will see the backup and and Akeeba Kickstart included. We need to run file kickstart.php.



* If you do not see file listing, don’t worry about that, just run file ‘kickstart.php’ by go to

Step 8: Agree with Akeeba Kickstart policy


… select .jpa (akeeba backup file) and click ‘Start‘ to extra file


* Default extra method in kickstart tool use ‘Hybrid (use FTP only if needed)‘, but in some case if your hosting do not accept it, just use ‘Directly‘ method instead, you can select it via ‘Write to files‘.

Step 9: Start to extract file

In this step, we will see the screenshot like below. The Select a backup archive will be selected quickstart package by default. It’s backup file and we need to restore it. Another parameters, we should keep it as default, do not change . After everything okay, we click to button ‘Start’ to start to extract backup file



Step 10: Run the installer is a next step when finish extract backup file in step 4.



Step 11: System pre-check

Now, we moved to install board. This is step to pre-check the hosting configuration before process install. There some params as in Joomla! installation.how3

 * In some cases, if you have different PHP version, you will get a warning message above, but don’t worry, it’s fine!

Step 12: Enter the information

This step help you enter the information related to database type, username, database name and password. If everything is okay, so we can move to next style by click button ‘Next’.how4

Step 13: Restore database

Yes, after clicked button ‘Next’ in step 7, it will alert the pop-up box show details of process restore database. As the picture below, if you enter correct database information, it will be restored successful.



Step 14: Site info

This step requires you enter Site Info and FTP Layer Option (this option should be keep as default, we can change it later). At this step, you can define new username and password for administrator account. I recommend you should enter new password, if not you can use default password that I created in the last time when I genera this quickstart package.

The default administrator account with username named ‘admin‘ and password ‘abc123‘.



Step 15: Last step to remove installation folder


Yes, this step is last step to process install Quickstart, just click to button ‘Clean Up’ to clear up Kickstart files which includes in backup by default. It will make your source clearly. Also with file backup ‘.jpa’.



Step 16: Ready to start!

Just click to button ‘View your site’s front-end’ and ‘view your site’s back-end’.



Step 17: Yeah, we finished!

After finish last step, we will have the website like our demo site.



 Video instruction:


Yes, Akeeba Backup and Akeeba Kickstart are very useful software to backup and restore website. It’s simple and fast way that I recommend you should use when you want to bring total your site to another place. In this case, it’s case to create Quickstart for everyone. Quickstart package is full demo package, it help you easy to change the contain and launch your site faster. Thanks for support from


***** Trouble shoots *****

If after finish install, if your website return sample data but without CSS like screenshot below


In this case, you just open file ‘configuration.php’ located at root of your source code and search for

$live_site = “”;

and leave it blank like as below

public $live_site =””;

Save and it will work.


*** Login to back-end ***

1. Default login:

username: admin

password: abc123

2. If you changed Supper User Settings during install Quickstart paclage (Step 9), you must to use that login info. If you forgot it, you can see this instruction how to restore Joomla! password.

3. If when you login but it doesn’t work and doesn’t have error message, just open file “configuration.php” (located at root of your source c0de) and search for string “$cookie_domain”, then just leave blank for this option. Normally, when you got this problem, it caused by your domain cookie that you put. So, just leave it blank as default setting for this option.


  1. awesome !!

  2. When I try to run the quickstart through php, it fails when trying to find installation/index.php I installed the template since there was no quickstart file in mojo. So was that part of the problem. Can I do it in that order?

    • Solved via support.

      @Everyone who can’t list files in step 2, just run as well. Some hosting do not allow access direct to file list.

      • Hi
        I have the same problem in step 2. I opened link that you replied. But I am still a little confused about it. Do you mean that I should re-buy the hosting?

        Urgent for help!!
        please reply me ASAP
        All the best

        • Solved via email.

  3. Hi,

    when i install the package, my front page just has text and looks nothing like the app i downloaded – no photos and alignment seems off.

    I also get a blank page when trying to get into the backend of it all?


  4. Hello, I’m quite new to Joomla and I’ve just bought your web design theme and I can’t get the demo files to install through akeeba, I’ve FTP’d the unzipped files to http://80.74.***.***/httpdocs/joomla/tmp/lt_web_design_onepage_quickstart_package and in my web browser tried to start the kickstart.php therein, but I get an error that it can’t be found.
    “Not Found. The requested URL /httpdocs/joomla/tmp/lt_web_design_onepage_quickstart_package/kickstart.php was not found on this server.”
    I’ve even tried it on the root folder but still get the not found error, Could you help me further please?

    PS. My hosts PHP version is 5.3. is this a problem?

    • Hi,

      Via your desc, I see you uploaded file to wrong folder in your hosting. Please test with simple text file before to upload to make sure that you upload correct folder.

      PHP version is not problem, but 5.3 is too old, you should ask your hosting provider to update it.

      Thank you,

      • Hello,

        I’ve got the demo files installed, but when in the Joomla control panel I click on the top right, my homepage name it goes to my homepage but it’s just blank.

        I’ve tried above

        $live_site = ‘’;
        and leave it blank like as below
        public $live_site = ”;

        It is already set to “public $live_site = ”;”

        also tried removing:
        body.homepage #sp-main-body-wrapper {
        display: none;

        but that didn’t help.

        If I try externally I get the demo site fine but with no changes

        Could you help me further please


          • Hello Ian,

            If you can’t change everything in demo on back-end, so i think you have problem with cache. Just go to Admin > System > Clear Cache, select all item and click to delete cache.

            Thank you,

          • Hello,

            Thanks, I’ve tried that still no change.


          • Hi Ian,

            Could you please send me your site address and admin login and FTP info via my email at, so I can help you check it.

  5. I am stuck on step two. I am using joomla. any help please.

    • Sorry I meant to say steps three. Nothing is being preselected. Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks.

      • Hi Franck,

        Please send your screenshot about problem to our support email at ,so our support staff can help you solve it.

        Thank you,

  6. where i can find the login and password for admin, they didn t ask me.

    • Default login username / password is admin / abc123

      You also define login username and password via step 9, part ‘Supper User Settings’.

  7. Hello, I am not able to sign into the administration… Any help?


    • Please try to re-install quickstart package and recheck, also do not fill the password, just use default login:
      username: admin
      password: abc123

      After finished install and login, you can change the password.

  8. I finished installation, now the default login username / password do not work. I am unable to access the back-end. please help!

    • Please try to re-install quickstart package and recheck, also do not fill the password, just use default login:
      username: admin
      password: abc123

      After finished install and login, you can change the password.

      • I’ve re-installed quickstart package (gravity theme), and I’ve left the password field not filled.

        And I’m not able to access to the administrator panel.

        What shall I do now?

        • @Alboka Soft,

          Please try to reinstall and recheck.

          Thank you,

  9. Hi, after the extraction the installation of joomla doesn’t start. at the page appear a 500 Internal error page.

    What can i do?

    Thank you!

    • Please deleted your all files, and try to re-upload all quickstart file and recheck, make sure that all files uploaded to your hosting completely before to run.

      Thank you,

      • Hi,

        I am setting up the package on my localhost and following the conventional method using kickstart(which I always do).

        Now, I’ve repeated the process twice but still getting the “500 Internal Server Error” for both front end and back end.

        Is there something that I missed?

        • I realized that the above issue is occurring only for lt_event_joomla.
          As I was able to install the other package.

          • Thanks for your info. We will recheck this package. If it’s really problem, so we will update.

  10. Hello,
    I try to install quickstart package but I get stack in step 7-8 (cant connect to DB).
    I want to install the package to a subdirectory of my server, which database should I use?

    • You can create new database for your sub website via Database Manager in your hosting, then you can put your database information as normal. The database host name should be at ‘localhost’.

      Thank you,

    • May be you purchased wrong template version, each design, we have multi-page template and Onepage template versions. Please send your purchase information (includes email) via , so we can help you change and exchange template.

  11. CommentFiz a instalação via akeba com successo mas quando tento acessar as configurações do tema via joomla (extenções – temas – lt_portfolio – Default) aparece uma mensagem de erro.

    Erro no servidor

    RecarregarOcultar detalhes
    O site encontrou um erro ao recuperar Ele pode estar em manutenção ou configurado incorretamente.

    • Can you send me admin login for your website via email to check?

  12. I am having the hardest time installing your templates. I keep getting this error message:
    AJAX Loading Error
    HTTP Status: 500 (Internal Server Error)
    Internal status: error
    XHR ReadyState: 4
    Raw server response:

    I have done everything your installation troubleshooters have suggested. If I cannot get these installed, I would like a refund before my 7 days is up.


    • Could you pe help me install Joomla! (download from, then send us FTP account via email , so we can help you install template and sample data like our demo site. Also let us template that you want to install. Don’t worry about your money, if we can’t solve your problem, we happy to send you full refund for your order. Thank you!

  13. Hello,
    Normaly i buy your tempates from ASTemplates, but in this case i now like to use the free onepage lt storage. but after downloading and unzipping there are only the 2 zip files. with akeeba kickstart i can not instal that kind of file (not .zip, only .jpa) but that’s not in the package. what to do? if i have to pay, no problem, but i want that onepage as at the demo:-).
    thanks in forward

  14. Para que venden paquetes de QUickstar que no funcionan? Deberian probarlos primero

    • I replied you via ticket support, please follow up and keep reply back to us.

      Thank you,


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Download Quickstart package, get Unlimited features, remove Copyright and get Dedicated Support Go PRO version with 25% OFF on today!