Won’t you agree that an original and stylish cover is the first thing that can catch your look, and convince you to buy a new CD? Today we’d like to present a special compilation of 30+ free mixtape cover PSD templates. Crafted by well-versed designers with diligence, skill and inspiration, any of these unique pieces can turn into impressive CD covers for the tracks in most various music genres.

When it comes to creating a new cool mixtape, its presentation turns out to be just as important as the tracks recorded on the disk. Luckily, the collection below contains only the best, hand-picked pieces that can impress even the pickiest customers and music lovers. What’s even better, all templates here are free, and can be customized with ease in Photoshop. Now, go on, scroll the diverse list below, and pick a flawless cover model that goes in tune with your new CD, DJ mix or a music album. Enjoy!

30+ Best Free Mixtape Cover PSD Templates

Minimum Sound – free CD Cover PSD Templates

Sweet vintage flowers matched with the stylish monochromatic image and heading make this template look extra charming. Smart design allows listing all tracks in two slanted columns on the inside. The PSD sample is easy to customize.

30 Cd Covers Preview 1 1

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Minimal Mixtape – free CD Cover PSD Templates

Despite having a minimalistic design this CD cover looks modern and stylish. The gradient colors and a simple bold header give this template a fresh and eye-catching look. You can change the text, the palette, and add your logo in PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 2

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Noize Beats – free CD Cover PSD Templates

A contrasting palette and cool shots turn this cover into one of the most stylish templates on our list. A dark textured background is a perfect match to a simple raw font. The text is extremely easy to edit in Photoshop.

30 Cd Covers Preview 3

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Free Infinity CD Cover Template in PSD

Mysterious and cool design of this cover will instantly impress music fans. An image of an enigmatic man combined with a big header can become a perfect presentation to a unique list of tracks. The palette, text and other details are changeable in PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 4

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Radio Hits – free CD Cover PSD Templates

Craft a unique mixtape of your favorite radio hits, and give it a superb presentation using this template! A pleasant palette, a cool header and a special image give this cover a sweet retro vibe, perfect for the occasion.

30 Cd Covers Preview 5

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My Mind Free CD Cover Art Mixtape Template in PSD

This mysterious looking design can match a special music compilation that you came up with. Electronic, soul, indie and other tracks could all be well presented with this stylish cover template. You can experiment with the colors and change writing in PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 6

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Street Mix – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

A cool image, a textured effect and a huge bold header in the front make this template a number one choice for presenting a mix of kicky street tracks. The inside of the cover has plenty of space for listing the songs.


30 Cd Covers Preview 7

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CD Cover Album Design Free PSD Template

A reserved white & gray palette matched with a few accents and a stylish central image in striking colors makes this adjustable cover extra catchy and cool. Download it to present your mix of special tracks with style!

30 Cd Covers Preview 8

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Mixtape Release – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

White textured backdrop, gray splotches, and a raw dark image with a smoking guy combined together will grant a cool presentation to a special release of tracks. Apply PS to list the songs on the inside, and don’t forget to print a special round template for the CD!

30 Cd Covers Preview 9

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Free Hip-Hop CD Cover Templates in PSD

Gotta a cool new mixtape of hip-hop tracks to present? This cover with superb graffiti and a kicky image in vivid colors will surely draw every look! The inside part looks just as awesome. All you need is PS to edit this piece before printing.

30 Cd Covers Preview 10

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Techno Trance – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Meet one of our most favorite samples on this list! A play of gradient colors with a simple light background hold the right balance, making this cover perfect for presenting a special mix of techno trance tracks. Fast PS editing is all you need to have this masterpiece ready for print!

30 Cd Covers Preview 11 1

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Retro Music – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

A catchy contrasting palette, an unusually arranged text, and a photo of a sassy model put together resulted in an original cover perfect for presenting a compilation of the favorite 90’s hits! The worn-out effect surely adds up to the template’s style and charm.

30 Cd Covers Preview 12

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Freestyle Mixtape CD Cover Free PSD Templates

A fantastic image and a beautiful dark palette make this cover template look polished and extra stylish. The mixtape name written in a simple yet original font completes the composition. This creation will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

30 Cd Covers Preview 13

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Fairy Tale – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Suave hues of blue and pink matched with the brilliant white became an excellent background for an image of an angel-like model. This artwork will duly present a collection of the most special tracks.

30 Cd Covers Preview 14

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Ride the Highway – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

We fell in love with this incredible cover, one of the most stylish picks on our list! A B&W design with a few accents in striking red couldn’t be more perfect for presenting a compilation of the special tracks that you enjoy listening to while driving a night highway.

30 Cd Covers Preview 15

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Summer Vibes CD Cover Free PSD Templates

Celebrate summer with a fantastic collection of the hot hits, and use this special template as a cover for your CD. Tropic motives and an intense blue palette of this sample create an excellent combo. While this is the template for a Vol.1 CD, you can find a matching Vol.2 piece below.

30 Cd Covers Preview 16

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Winter Chill – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Invite everyone to a winter fairyland with a special compilation of tracks, and use this wonderful template to present it! A stunning winter view in gradient colors matched with the plain white elements result in a flawless combo.

30 Cd Covers Preview 17

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African Rhythm – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Authentic, hot and stylish, this adjustable template will become a due presentation for your special list of African rhythm tracks! The ardent palette and an image of a gorgeous black model will surely impress everyone.

30 Cd Covers Preview 18

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Free Songwriter CD Cover PSD Template

Here’s yet another masterpiece on our diverse list! We believe that the photo of a guy and an image of a marry-go-round in the backdrop look incredibly stylish together, but if you are an author presenting a new CD, the photo can be easily replaced with your own one in PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 19

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Electro Sound – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Here’s a cool suggestion for presenting your special collection of electro hits! Neon shine and a unique outlay make this piece look awesome. You can leave it as is, or replace the five images with the photos of the actual artists using Photoshop.

30 Cd Covers Preview 20

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Gospel Songs – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

Your collection of Gospel songs will get a beautiful cover if you use this special free sample. Won’t you agree that the shiny palette and the neon header look wonderful? The template is easy to customize in PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 21

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Urban Mix Free CD Mixtape Artwork (PSD)

A stylish design of this template can aid at presenting a new artist’s CD. A special texture and a cool palette in violet, pink and blue create an awesome combo. You can replace the photo with your own image and edit text in no time using PS.

30 Cd Covers Preview 22

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Memories – free CD Cover PSD Templates in PSD

We believe that every detail about this CD cover is perfect. A few accents and a stylish header in intense orange match the textured black background and a wide white frame around a catchy shot in the template’s center. Don’t miss a chance to get this masterpiece for free!

30 Cd Covers Preview 23

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Summer Vibes CD Cover Free PSD Templates

Just as promised, here’s a matching piece to the previously featured cover for a summer tracks CD – the Vol.2 template. A stunning photo from a sunset beach and dark silhouettes of palms against the purple background look truly amazing.

30 Cd Covers Preview 24

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Free Long Songs CD Cover Template in PSD

Whether it’s Valentines, a special anniversary or a romantic night party that you are getting ready to, this sweet template will become a perfect presentation to your collection of the lovely tunes. Intense pink and neon shine turn this designer sample into an eye-candy.

30 Cd Covers Preview 25

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Feel The Love Free CD Cover Artwork Template in PSD

This designer template looks both charming and stylish thanks to the B&W photo of a pretty girl contrasting with the textured backdrop in various hues of pink. The cover will instantly spark the romantic mood in your listeners, helping them to enjoy the tracks you offer even more.

30 Cd Covers Preview 26

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Free CD Cover Templates in PSD

A minimalist modern design, abstract shapes and a palette in gradient colors seem like a perfect match for a compilation of electro music tracks. This thought-through cover can be customized in Photoshop in just a few clicks, and sent to print within minutes.

30 Cd Covers Preview 27

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Summer with Me PSD CD Cover Template for Free

Spread the light-hearted summer mood around with a fantastic compilation of hot music tracks and an excellent designer cover presenting it! A simple yet sweet design where a summer view with blue skies and palms emerges from a light backdrop can please anyone’s eyes.

30 Cd Covers Preview 28

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Single CD Cover Artwork Free Psd Templates

We believe that a special collection of tracks presented with a cover looking as fabulous as this can impress even the pickiest music fans! An incredible design full of deep and flashy colors, neon shine and glitter can match various types of music including electro, techno, indie etc.

30 Cd Covers Preview 29

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Golden Heart Mixtape Free CD Cover Artwork Template in PSD

A professional photo of a beautiful model is what makes this CD cover template so special! A girl looking both enigmatic and charming will draw the looks of the potential listeners. A unique font used for the album’s name completes this design, making it look extra stylish.

30 Cd Covers Preview 30

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We hope that having looked through this list of adjustable CD cover templates you found the one which can become a great match to your new mixtape. Customizing free templates in Photoshop is a fun and easy process that can give amazing results. Now, all you have to do is download your pick, make a few changes in PS, and print out as many copies as you need.

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