If you are a blog or website owner, you may know the struggle when you need to fix something on your website or even something you need to do to your site from scratch. That’s when YouTube tutorials come in handy.

Since visual aids drastically help you overcome a problem in a matter of minutes, YouTube channels about WordPress quickly get free YouTube subscribers. Therefore, in this article, we’ll share the top 5 WordPress YouTube channels that you should definitely check out.

1. WPBeginner

WPBeginner boasts 286k subscribers on its channel as of 2023. It doesn’t only contain tutorials for beginners but also complex videos for all kinds of users on various topics.

They usually upload videos twice a week and cover topics ranging from how you can rank your WordPress content to adding forms in WordPress and comparing the best-performing landing page plugins.

Even better, the videos are informative and to the point to help you get answers to your questions without wasting your time.

2. WPCrafter

WPCrafter channel is run by Adam Preiser. Although he offers paid courses and content as well, you can find a variety of free video lessons on his YouTube channel.

You can expect him to upload about two times a month, and his videos are detailed and pretty beneficial for non-techies.

You can find simple videos on his channel, like how to install and maintain WordPress, and advanced videos for WordPress developers.

What’s great is that he keeps his audience up to date on the new upcoming versions or features of WordPress, so you can get to know them in advance and leverage them when they are officially released.

3. WPLearningLab

WPLearningLab is a YouTube channel created by Bjorn and currently has 145k subscribers. He usually uploads 3 to 5 videos every month on almost everything related to WordPress for entrepreneurs.

From basics to advanced skills, you can learn from plenty of how-to videos and even the basics of coding like HTML and CSS.

He has also created a dedicated Facebook group to help his community get answers to their questions and even stay updated with the latest developments.

4. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle also creates WordPress themes like Hestia and Neve for a range of industries, i.e., e-commerce, travel, fashion, business, and more. Since they have experience with WordPress themselves, their videos can be pretty helpful to you.

This channel is rapidly growing and currently has more than 37k subscribers. They post one video every week to keep their viewers engaged and updated.

They discuss using themes and plugins, share tips on optimizing your site, and provide reviews and comparisons.

5. Tyler Moore

With 444k subscribers, Tyler Moore helps people build and maintain their own professional websites without needing any coding experience. He creates step-by-step tutorials for beginners and never misses a step.

This is why his videos are quite long, ranging from 1 to 3 hours! You can learn everything about building your site and the other essential elements of a WordPress website.

He only posts 4 to 5 times a year, but undoubtedly his videos are relevant, detailed, and informative for beginners.

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