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Instructions for adding comments Disqus to K2

To implement this great platform of comments in our K2 articles it is necessary to follow a very simple procedure.

First we must configure our account in Disqus just as we would with or without K2. If we already have created and configured the account and we want to migrate to K2 even better. We will not lose comments or settings.
Then we will leave the global configuration parameters of K2 (in the Comments or Comments tab) like this:

leave the global configuration parameters of K2

Basically we will choose to enable comments for all users and go. If that option is not selected, we will not see anything.
We must also activate the comments in all the categories in which we want to use comments Disqus. If the configuration of one category is inherent in another, remember to activate the K2 plugins in both.

How To Add Comments Disqus To K2

If you use a menu item pointing to an item or category in K2 make sure that K2 plugins are enabled in that menu item in the same menu settings.

The latter is very simple, you should download the plugin called Disqus for K2 from I leave the links at the end of the article. Once installed and activated go to the configuration of the plugin and enter the “shortname” of your Disqus account and go. We now have Disqus on all our K2 items.

How To Add Comments Disqus To K2
Thanks for your reading, and if you have any questions with this blog, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment.

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