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This is our recommended settings for the United States’ stores. You can also use it for other countries which follow the tax system or style of US. If you want to find more information about tax policy, please contact expert.

Notice: According to current US tax law, you need to collect taxes from where you have ongoing concern/interest (physical stores, headquarters, distribution centers, etc). If you have numbers of stores in many countries/states in your countries, or if the revenue of your store exceeds ~2 million dollars a year, we suggest you use a 3rd party tax provider, because there are many things to manage like tax zones and rules.

  • Please contact with tax experts for certain information if you want to make any decision about tax problems.

Let’s suppose that you are running a store in California and customers from Texas need to pay 8.5% tax for buying goods, customers from other states will not be taxed.

Step1: Create a Texas geozone by going to Localization > Geozones > New

  • Geozone Name: California Zone
  • Country: United States
  • Zone: California

Step 2: Create a rate of tax by going to Localization > Tax rates > New

  •  Name:  Tax (any name  you can set)
  • Tax Percent: 8.5
  • Geozone: California Zone
  • Status: Published

Step 3: Create tax rules and profile by going to  Localization > Tax rates > New

  • Name: Default Tax Class
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Tax rules

Click Add

  • Rate: Tax

**Associated Address: ** Shipping

Step 4: Configure settings of tax by going to Set up > Configuration > Tax

  • Prices Entered with Tax: No, i will enter prices EXCLUSIVE of tax
  • Display prices in cart /checkout: Excluding tax
  • Calculate tax based on Shipping address
  • Default Customer address: Store address
  • Display prices in product pages: Excluding tax
  • Apply discounts: Before tax

then Save.

Step 5: Create a product and select the tax profile

As we have known, J2store uses articles of Joomla as products. Let’s go to Article Manager > create a New Article

J2Store uses Joomla articles as products. So go to Article Manager and create a New Article / Product

Select tax profile by going to J2store cart tab > General

  • Tax Profile: Default tax class

Notice: If you don’t select tax profile, it will not apply in storefront.

That’s it! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image Credit: J2store

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