This guide will instruct you how to configure tax in J2store of EU stores. Below is the example for Europes store. If you want to get to know more about tax, please contact the specialist.

Notice: Given information in this guide just for consulting. For more exact instruction about Tax, please contact with tax specialists.

Let’s suppose that you run a store in Germany and tax on the goods you charge is 19%. Domestic customers will be charge 19% tax.

Step 1: Create for the base rates a geozone (home country tax) by going to Localization > Geozones > New

  • Geozone Name: Base rates
  • Country: Germany
  • Zones: All

Step 2: Go to Localization > Tax Rates > New to create a tax rate

  • Name: VAT
  • Tax Percent: 19
  • Geozone: Base rates
  • Status: Published

Step 3: Go to Localization > Tax Profiles > New to create rules and tax profile

  • Name: Base Tax Profile
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Tax rules

then click Add

  • Rate: VAT

**Associated Address: ** Shipping

Step 4: Go to Set up > Configuration > Tax to configure tax settings

  • Prices Entered with Tax: Yes, I will enter prices with tax
  • Calculate tax based on: Shipping address
  • Default Customer address: Store address
  • Display prices in product pages: Including tax
  • Display prices in cart/checkout: Including tax
  • Apply discounts: After-tax

then Save.

Step 5: Create a product then select the tax profile

After creating a product (by creating an article), let’s select the tax profile by going to J2store cart tab > General tab

  • Tax Profile: Base tax profile

Notice: The tax will not be applied in the storefront if you don’t select the tax profile

Step 6: Multiple tax rates for selling to multiple countries

  • Charge the same rate of VAT for customers from specific countries: In this scenario, you just need to open the Base Geozone and add the countries/zones where you want to charge 19%. All customers from certain countries will be charged tax with 19%
  • Charge different VAT rate for customers from specific countries: if you want to charge tax 12% for France and Switzerland customers, please create a new Geozone including France and Switzerland, new tax rate and set percent of the tax to 12%. Go to Localisation > Tax Profiles > Open Base tax profiles. Below the Tax rules, click Add, then choose the new tax rate, associate the rate to Shipping Address. Save. So Customers from France and Switzerland will be charged 12% tax instead of 19%.

That’s it! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image Credit: J2store


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