Why don’t you create a community site with the assistance of the Joomla Community Extensions we introduced to you below? Everything will become easier, simpler, and more effective. Let’s have a look!

Why should you use Joomla Community Extension?

These days, thanks to the development of technology, the way that we interact with customers have also changed; therefore, we need to create a community for our customers and communicate with them effectively. In order to help you choose the best one easily, today, in this collection, we provide you with a list of the top best Joomla Community Extension that you can use to develop your sites and engage with your clients.

Top Joomla Community Extension

Community Builder [Free Download]

Community Builder

This is a very flexible and automatic Joomla Community Extension which includes a large number of users and many powerful built-in features. Thanks to using this extension, you are able to generate profiles for your members as well as insert avatar photos to profiles.

Provided features:

  • Gather important for your use-case profile data
  • Configure fields to be read-only
  • Allow login using the email address and password
  • Built-in integration with Joomla articles
  • Built-in integration with Kunena forum
  • Create an extended registration form
  • Display # of connections on profiles
  • And more


  • Very easy to use
  • Comprehensive and straightforward
  • A lot of functionality

jOpenSim [Free Download]


jOpenSim is a Community Builder Joomla that allows you to control virtual worlds that is run by OpenSimulator. Moreover, thanks to using this extension, you are able to generate, edit as well as remove inworld accounts and show inworld maps on your sites.

Provided features:

  • Let users create events
  • Display a quick overview
  • Display upcoming inworld events anywhere
  • Provide an inworld search
  • Let users change their inworld settings
  • Quick access to jOpenSim admins


  • Excellent documentation
  • Quick respond
  • Very helpful

Wall Factory [Free Download]

Wall Factory

Wall Factory is a Joomla Extension that developers can generate a community site, in which users are able to share messages, video, news, and photos in a freeway. This extension also consists of a lot of powerful features for you to use.

Provided features:

  • Multi-language support
  • User avatars
  • Configurable profile details
  • Set displayed user title
  • Backend Management
  • Embedded video integration
  • Enable and set up notifications
  • Allow CB avatars
  • And more


  • Great support
  • Very easy to use
  • Very intuitive

Club Registration [Free Download]

Club Registration

The Club Registration Component is a Community Builder Joomla that enables you to control social or sporting clubs or groups. Besides, players can assign to the clubs or groups and official clubs are able to insert notes to the players as well as insert emergency simple payment details or emergency contact.

Provided features:

  • Ditch the use of paper
  • Using more Jquery than mootools
  • Minor styling changes
  • Add option to render EOI pages
  • Tabs are now left align by default
  • Recent Registration on club official’s dashboard
  • Add menu option to register senior


  • Well documented
  • A lot of functionality
  • Excellent support

Club Management [Free Download]

Club Management

Club Management is a free and powerful Joomla Community Extension that enables you to manage your club (from persons, memberships, board and so on). This extension also offers for club management a lot of features.

Provided features:

  • Different configurable board jobs
  • Different lists
  • Person Detail
  • Different configurable member types
  • Objects: Person, Membership, and Board
  • Birthday module

EasySocial [Paid Download]


Here is one of the best Joomla Social Network Extension that enables you to begin your own social network on Joomla components. Thanks to this extension, you can engage as well as interact with other members on your gadgets. It also highly integrates with a wide range of community site.

Provided features:

  • Hashtags & mentions support
  • Create events within groups
  • Integrations with K2 via K2 app
  • Music Collection by Joomla
  • Create events within groups
  • Responsive layout
  • Photo albums
  • And more


  • Well documented
  • Absolutely stellar
  • Very quickly

JomWALL [Paid Download]


JomWALL extension enables you to create a social communication platform that allows teams, friends family, coworkers communicate together.

Provided features:

  • Built-in attachments and tools
  • Built-in private messaging and Mentions
  • Responsive Activity stream
  • Built-in YouTube API v3
  • Built-in groups collaborations
  • Add info on wall page
  • Settings for a real name or user name


  • Great program
  • Fun and Interesting
  • Easy to follow

Social Factory [Paid Download]

Social Factory - Joomla Community Extension

Here is a great extension for modern soccial network website which has a similar design pattern with the top of the line extension. Moreover, it also provides you a state of the art administration interface that is backed up by solid code and professional templates.

Provided features:

  • Layout & Themes
  • Visibility restrictions for each field
  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Users can create groups
  • Multi-language support
  • Date & Time format
  • Manage backend submenu
  • User and system plugins
  • And more


All things considered, using Joomla Community Extension is one of the most effective solutions to build a community website. What are you waiting for? All you should do now is dig in, try and get the best Joomla extension for your site. If you have any trouble or difficulties, let us know by leaving your comment below, so we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Last but not least, we are providing a lot of responsive and attractive Joomla 4 Templates. Thus, don’t hesitate to explore and get the one you like. Hope you enjoy it!

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