It’s time for you to create or embed PDF files into your pages by using Joomla Print And PDF Extensions. Everything will become more convenient and time-saving. Let’s check out the collection below now!

Why do you need to use Joomla Print And PDF Extension?

As you know,  PDF is still one of the most popular types of documents on the internet; therefore, you absolutely need to create and embed PDF files into your pages. In order to do this task easily, you should install an extension. These days, there are a thousand PDF extensions and sometimes it makes you feel so confused. Therefore, in this article, we help you collect the top best Joomla Print And PDF Extension.

Top Joomla Print And PDF Extensions

Add Print Stylesheet [Free Download]

Add Print Stylesheet

This is a Joomla Print And PDF Extension that enables you to delete the unnecessary elements coming from the printed copies of your pages. Moreover, this extension also consists of menus, dark ink wasting backgrounds as well as a lot of other elements which do not need to use in a printed copy.

Provided features:

  • Add the stylesheet file name
  • the change will not be overwritten by template updates
  • Upload the print stylesheet CSS file
  • Edit “System – Add Print Stylesheet
  • Dark ink wasting backgrounds, menus


  • Simple instructions
  • Intuitive document
  • Perfect functionality

Phoca PDF [Free Download]

Phoca Pdf

Phoca PDF is a Joomla Extension that allows you to generate and set PDF document in Joomla pages. Thanks to this extension, you are able to set the header and footer information by using the HTML text editor.

Provided features:

  • Set footer or header information
  • The HTML code of your documents
  • Set different parameters for your PDF document
  • Set different font types for different parts of documents
  • The whole Phoca PDF framework


  • Customizable and easy to use
  • Configurable
  • Well explained

PrintLogo [Free Download]


This is a free and user-friendly Joomla PDF Extension that enables you to show the header-logo on top of your first page. Moreover, you are able to find more information about this in the popup help text.

Provided features:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Upgraded to also run on Joomla! 3.x
  • More detailed information
  • Display an header-logo on top of the first page


  • Fantastic Product
  • Technical Support
  • Easy and works like a charm

Phoca PDF Content [Free Download]

Phoca Pdf Content

Phoca PDF Content is a free Joomla Print And PDF Extension, but it is very powerful. This extension enables you to show the PDF icons in your articles. Moreover, your articles are also able to be printed as a PDF document.

Provided features:

  • PDF icon in the article
  • “printed” as PDF document
  • Joomla! 2.5 Demo
  • Joomla! 3.5 Demo

eBook Factory [Paid Download]

Ebook Factory

This is an automatic Joomla Extention. Thanks to using this extension, you are able to generate PDF files that you want such as eBooks, PDF catalogs or PDF directories. It also includes back-end management that enables you to generate new eBooks as well as edit the available ones.

Provided features:

  • Use categories and sub-categories as chapter titles
  • The module that displays a set amount of eBooks
  • Render PDF files
  • Password protection for PDFs
  • Customizable format
  • Default integration with Joomla! user profile
  • Set template for articles
  • Set default font and its size
  • And more


  • Good functionality
  • Great support

Secured PDF Embedder [Paid download]

Secured Pdf Embedder

Secured PDF Embedder is an effective Joomla Print And PDF Extension that allows you to implant the PDF files into your pages. Moreover, you can also use this Joomla Print And PDF Extension to deal with your documents in a smart way as well as configure this extension without needing to write a coding letter.

Provided features:

  • Additional Button to Insert PDF
  • Style Match With Template
  • Embed Any PDF File
  • Control In Back End
  • Fluid Grid Layout
  • Enable/Disable Download Access


  • Support was excellent
  • Definite worth
  • Easy Configurations

Moon chips PDF and Screenshot generator [Paid Download]

Moonchip Pdf And Screenshot Generator

This Joomla Print And PDF Extension enables you to generate a PDF file as well as Screenshot in any pages of your Joomla sites. After setting up this extension, you can allocate the extension as usual to any position of your templates. This extension includes 2 buttons, they are a PDF button and a screenshot button.

Provided features:

  • Download rendered PDF documents
  • Create a PDF or Screenshot
  • Save the PDF or Screenshot to computer
  • 2 buttons, a screenshot button, and a PDF button

SlideShare Presentation Embedder [Paid Download]

Slideshare Presentation Embedder - Joomla Print And Pdf Extension

Using this extension, you are able to embed presentations which are from ‘SlideShare’ on your pages. You can also configure this Joomla PDF Extension without needing any coding letter. Everything you need is installing, enabling this extension and then placing shortcode to your articles.

Provided features:

  • Shortcode Based
  •  Style-Match with Your Site
  • Control In Back End
  • Embed Presentations
  • Supported Social Network
  • 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy


All in all, we hope that the list of Joomla Print And PDF Extensions will be useful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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