Actually, there are a lot of methods to drive traffic to your site, but the most effective one is using a Joomla Social Share Extension. Now, don’t hesitate to discover the collection of the best Joomla Social Share Extensions below now!

Why should you use Joomla Social Share Extension?

If you want to add social share buttons to your Joomla site, then this article may be useful for you. Thanks to the social share buttons, the content on your site will be shared and spread strongly. Therefore, you can build the backlinks for your site effectively. Today, in this collection, we provide you top best Joomla Social Share extension that can help you to choose the best one for driving traffic to your site. Let’s start now!

Top Joomla Social Share Extensions

JoomLine Like – JL Like [Free Download]

Jl Like

JL Like plugin is the best option for you if you want to showcase the social network buttons on your site. It comes with many features, so you can customize the buttons in your own way easily.

Provided features:

  • Support for social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Classmates, Yandex, My World, Linkedin, Pinterest.
  • Counter references page in social networks.
  • Correct definition of the page address.
  • No external links on social networks.
  • Display of social buttons in K2 v2.6 or later, VirtueMart v2/v3
  • And much more…


  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use

Social 2s [Free Download]

Social 2S

Social 2s is a great Joomla Social Share Extension that enables you to show the most common social network button. This extension concentrates on speed and has a number of powerful features.

Provided features:

  • Twitter cards
  • Article and Category view display
  • JEvents
  • OpenGraph
  • Virtuemart
  • Whatsapp button
  • Different styles (dark, colored, icon)


  • Pretty easy to use
  • Very functional
  • Flexible extension

ochJSsocials LIGHT [Free Download]

Ochjssocials Light

This extension helps you to drive traffic for your blogs. It is completely compatible with community engagement and promotion. Moreover, you are able to put them in the top or bottom in your Joomla articles as well as select to place the button on your category (blog) or featured view.

Provided features:

  • Change the look-and-feel
  • Driver for traffic to your blog
  • Break your website’s performance
  • Choose to have the buttons automagically


  • Easy-peasy
  • Clear information
  • Fast and clean plugin

Fast Social Share [Free Download]

Fast Social Share

Fast Social Share is a Joomla Social Share which allows you to embed the social share buttons to your sites and it does not affect the performance of your site. Moreover, it also enables you to control Open Graph tags which use articles text.

Provided features:

  • Preserve the likes and shares count
  • Manage and add automatically Open Graph tags
  • Different working mode
  • Show social icons also inside a Joomla module
  • Buttons configuration
  • Auto-embed buttons
  • And more


  • Very Functional
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Superb support

AddToAny Share Buttons [Free Download]

Addtoany Share Buttons

This Joomla Extension gives you a possibility of saving, sharing as well as sending emails of your pages or posts which uses any service, for example, Twitter, Google, Whatsapp, Facebook as well as more than 100 sharing and social media sites.

Provided features:

  • Vector sharing buttons
  • 3rd party buttons
  • Sharing Kit for individual share links
  • Analytics Integration
  • Display share counts on posts and pages
  • Custom share event tracking
  • And more


  • Excellent Social Share buttons
  • Simple and super easy
  • Functionality is great

AMPZ Social Sharing [Paid Download]

Ampz Social Sharing

AMPZ Social Sharing helps you to boost your sales as well as increase the traffic of your site. In addition, this extension also allows you to show the Social Sharing buttons at any places on your website and multiple static positions such as Inline, Sidebar or Fly-in)

Provided features:

  • Multilingual button labels
  • Sharing Statistics
  • Positioning is King
  • Placement & Trigger
  • Right-to-left support
  • Sidebar & Inline
  • And more


  • Fast and amazing support
  • Easy to configure
  • Clear layout

Social Backlinks

This extension helps you to post selected content of K2, Joomla, ZOO, RedShop as well as Virtuemart to serveral social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vkontakte.

Provided features:

  • Vkontakte profile
  • Post on the page as admin or as user
  • Control the content: history, error log
  • A synchronization
  • Manage additional account or page
  • Twitter account


  • Straightforward installation and setup
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support

Easy ShareThis [Paid Download]

Easy Sharethis - Joomla Social Share Extension

Here is a Social Bookmarking extension for Joomla sites which consisting of a lot of special features. Thanks to this extension, you are able to sort the icon, exclude Joomla article, category and article layouts. Moreover, you can also definr this extension in every module positions.

Provided features:

  • Exclude individual articles
  • Supports https websites
  • Enable/Disable the bookmarks
  • Four different styles to use
  • Sorting of social bookmark Icons


  • Good functionality
  • Great working extension
  • A simple module to control


To sum up, it is undeniable that using a Joomla Social Share Extension is a good way to increase site traffic. We will be happy if you can conveniently find the best extension after exploring the blog today. Please share it with your friends or anyone who need Joomla Social Share Extension to help them achieve their goals smoothly.

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