In the blog today, we would like to discuss and show you the best tool to help you create your own social media and put it in any position you want. Let’s have a look at the collection of the following Joomla Social Presence Extensions.

The importance of using Joomla Social Presence Extension

For any website, social networks always play an important role in driving traffic that is very important for vital to its success. These days, there are a thousand social extensions out of there that can make you feel confused. Therefore, we listed the top best Joomla Social Presence Extension that helps you to choose the best one easily. Let’s start now!

Top Best Joomla Social Presence Extensions

JJ Social Slider [Free Download]

Jj Social Slider

This Joomla Social Presence Extension is a non-complex extension that can display in constant places such as on the left or right of your page. When you hover over an icon, it enables to provide a small caption that links with a social network page.

Provided features:

  • Provide a small caption
  • The icons support.
  • Support custom slides
  • Link with a social network page


  • Straightforward and powerful
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Simple to set up

SJ Social Media Counter[ Free Download]

Sj Social Media Counter

This is a great and easy-to-use module that performs counting Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Dribble followers, and so on. The Admin Panel is clear, intuitive, and easy to understand, you can create your own social media and put it in any position you want.

Provided features:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Support popular social media
  • Fully browsers compatible
  • Multi-Module on the same page
  • Support Multi-Language
  • Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Support to show the RSS feed
  • Support caching to make your website load faster


  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to use and install
  • Great support

Follow Us On Twitter [Free Download]

Follow Us On Twitter

This is a simple and user-friendly extension that allows you to get Twitter, Facebook as well as many other social media links which are on your sites. This extension also allows you to do the trick in order to get you a quick and great looking link to Twitter.

Provided features:

  • Get Twitter, Facebook
  • Do the trick.
  • Get you a quick, great looking link to Twitter


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great choice of icons
  • Works great, clean look

RSSocial! [Free Download]


RSSocial! is the newest extension in RSJoomla!’s free extensions. This Joomla Social Network also enables you to connect with your social profiles. Moreover, it also inserts an action button, such as a share button, for your social profiles.

Provided features:

  • Link to social profiles
  • Add action buttons
  • Integrated Social Networks
  • Additional buttons
  •  3 pre-defined themes
  • Multiple Share buttons and counters
  • And more


  • Great Extension
  • Easy to set up
  • Good documentation,

LinkedIn Widget Slider [Free Download]

Linkedin Widget Slider

This is a social media network that is not likely to Facebook or Twitter. This extension totally concentrated on appropriate connections and engagement. Therefore, all these sites are able to get benefit from installing this extension. Moreover, this also enables your visitors to access your LinkedIn posts and updates as well as see potential jobs.

Provided features:

  • Complete Customer Support
  • Display Your Professional Qualifications
  • jQuery Friendly
  • Elegant Design Display
  • Advanced SlideShow Display
  • Display Relevant Jobs


  • Fantastic module
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Effective functionality

Social Crowd [Paid Download]

Social Crowd

This Joomla Social Presence Extension gets the number of your friends, followers which come from your favorite networks, after that it will show them on your website. Furthermore, this extension also enables you to changes the settings from the admin section in an easy way.

Provided features:

  • Supported Social Networks
  • Skip option on the Home page
  • Disable if offline
  • Float left or float right
  • Share box color
  • Float panel round corner selection
  • Setting Round Corner Radius of Vertical Button

Responsive Facebook Page Events Feed [Paid Download]

Responsive Facebook Page Events Feed

Here is an intelligent extension that allows you to show the details of every Public Facebook Event. After providing your Facebook App ID, it will help you to choose styles. This extension also maintains the visitors on your site when providing them the details about your FaceBook event.

Provided features:

  • Event Details
  • Light Weight
  •  3 Built-in Themes
  • Latest Facebook Graph API Supported
  •  Show Facebook Page Event Inside Joomla Site
  • And More


  • Simple configuration
  •  well decorated documentation
  • Easy to change settings and options

Social Icon Display [Paid Download]

Social Icon Display

This is a nice Joomla Social Presence Extension which includes fading effects. You can use Social Icon extension in any module position as well as hover your cursor over the social bookmarking icons in order to look at its effects.

Provided features:

  • Large/Small social bookmarking Icons
  • Sort the icons in any order
  • Link Directly to Social Websites
  • Open in same or new window
  • Easy to install social bookmarking icons and configure


  • Work effectively and well
  • Nice plugin
  • Significant support

Social Multiprofile[ Paid Download]

Social Multiprofile - Joomla Social Presence ExtensionThis is an amazing and powerful extension. It is a nice way to display your icons in a short space and dynamic way. There are many useful and outstanding features for you to discover. Check it out!

Provided features:

  • Set Up to 20 Social Profiles with Icon
  •  All Position Support, Stick it with Top | Bottom | Left | Right Anywhere
  • Dynamic add URL and Icons from Administrator
  • 2 Types theme Support: Dark | Light
  • Sliding Panel Innovative way display on your site


  • Easy to use
  • Nice extension
  • Comprehensive

In conclusion

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to get the most reasonable Joomla Social Presence Extension for your site. If you think the blog is really useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Besides, there is a great deal of responsive and proficient Joomla 4 Templates here, don’t forget to visit our site anytime you really want to get a new appearance for your site.

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