Today’s modern consumers have changed how the sales funnel works. The sales funnel is a marketing model that illustrates the process that potential consumers go through before they buy a product. Traditionally, this purchasing path is outlined by the following phases: brand awareness, interest, decision, and action, which can help consumers decide if they want to buy a product or not.

Today, according to a Vogue article, the purchasing habits of Gen Z have changed. Now, the new sales funnel revolves around a seemingly endless loop of inspiration, exploration, loyalty, and community. Due to their digital upbringing, Gen Z buyers are now heavily influenced by social media and convenience when it comes to making purchasing decisions, and businesses will need to catch up.

One way of fueling the sales funnel introduced by Gen Z is through an effective website design that can encourage buyers to purchase products and services. Online eyewear retailer FramesDirect exemplifies that by offering effective features that make shopping seamless and convenient. Below, we look at key elements that make FramesDirect’s website design effective.

What is FramesDirect?

Founded in 1996, FramesDirect is a pioneer in the online eyewear market, becoming the first website to offer prescription glasses, progressive lenses, and prescription sunglasses. Today, FramesDirect sells glasses and sunglasses from renowned brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Burberry. Aside from making a wide range of specs easily available online, FramesDirect is also involved in various initiatives that could potentially appeal to Gen Z consumers, such as socially responsible programs like the Buy One, Give One Donation project, where buyers can choose to have a pair of glasses donated to someone with vision issues. This project supports the Vision for Life global initiative that aims to make eye care accessible to underserved communities.

Its website design is also filled with features that you can leverage for your online business platform. Here’s what you need to know:

Best features of the FramesDirect website:

Mini cart feature

On the top right corner of FramesDirect’s website, you can find a mini cart where shoppers can conveniently put, view, and manage items in their shopping cart without leaving the page. This enables site visitors to have a seamless shopping experience before proceeding to checkout, contributing greatly to the sales funnel since it lets buyers explore the website and secure items they’re interested in without much interruption. WooCommerce offers mini cart plugins that you can check out so you can leverage the same benefits of having a shopping cart on your website. The Minicart for WooCommerce and the Mini Cart Draw for WooCommerce plugins enable you to generate, design, and display a shopping cart on your business site with ease.

Convenient and easy-to-navigate

According to an Entrepreneur article, Gen Z and millennial buyers expect websites to be convenient and highly usable. The same article cited that the newer generation of buyers prefers faster loading speeds and websites that are responsive to mobile or tablet devices. Luckily, the FramesDirect website takes less than two seconds to load and also has mobile and tablet versions that let site visitors scan, shop, and check out items easily. Content on the FramesDirect website is also easily digestible and pretty straightforward – highlighting only key information such as the price – which is preferable to modern users with lower attention spans. Make sure to take note of these key elements when creating your website to improve overall user experience and generate more sales and customer loyalty.

Accessible customer reviews that influence purchasing decisions

Research conducted by youth culture agency Archrival found that 46% of Gen Z buyers are discouraged from purchasing when they can’t find independent information or reviews about a product. A Data and Management study also mentioned that products that have at least five reviews are 270% more likely to be purchased. This is another factor that makes FrameDirect’s website design highly effective because you can access more than 29,000 reviews in the upper left corner of the site. The visibility of these reviews means that customers can guarantee the quality of FramesDirect products through testimonials and are thus more likely to purchase them. You can try the Site Reviews plugin to collect and display reviews on your website, which can help boost business credibility.

The purchasing path of Gen Z is heavily influenced by technology and tools that affect their decisions. By leveraging the same key features of FramesDirect’s website design, you can encourage more modern buyers to purchase your products. For more articles like this, visit the LTheme website.

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