JS Jobs Configurations (Continued)

Email Setting

  • Sender Email Address: All email from JS Jobs will be sent by using supplied email address.
  • Sender Name: All email from JS Jobs will be sent by using supplied name as sender name
  • Admin Email Address: Admin will receive all email notifications on provided email address

Social Apps

  • Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing

-Login with Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing: deciding users can login in JS Jobs with using their facebook/ linkedin/ xing account or not.

-Job Apply with Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing: allow users can apply on job using their Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing profile or not

-API key: be required to login/ job apply with Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing to work

-Secret Key: provided by Facebook/ Linkedin/ Xing

Get each social network API key and Secret key here: Facebook, XingLinkedin

Google Map

  • Map Height: adjust map height in JS Jobs plugin. Width will be 100% of the available width
  • Show Map: display how the map will be going to look in the component.
  • Google Map Api Key: be required for google map to work (get it here).
  • Default Longitude/ Latitude: provide default longitude/ latitude for map.
  • Default Map Radius Type: control what will be default radius type for searching with coordinates on job search form and pop up.

Google Adsense Settings

  • Show  Google Adds In List Jobs: deciding to show Google ads in job listing or not.
  • Google Adsense Client/Slot ID: Google adsense Client/Slot ID
  • Google Adds Show After Number of Jobs: how many jobs will be shown before displaying Google ads
  • Google Adds Width/ Height: adjust width/ height of Google ads
  • Google Adds Custom CSS: css written here will be implemented on Google ads.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving comment below or through Contact Form, we will answer as soon as possible!



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