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Allow your users to comment on your products with top best WordPress Comment Plugin!

As you know, comments of users play an important role in any business. Thanks to it, customers can ask questions or give their opinion about your products so that you can improve your business effectively. In order to do it easily, you absolutely need a plugin. Today, in this collection, we help you pick up the top best WordPress Comment Plugin that may helpful for you. Let’s start now!

1. Comments – wpDiscuz

Comments – wpDiscuz

This WordPress Comment Plugin enables you to insert a responsive comment box into your blogs or your content tyes. In addition, it also gives you an ability to generate a new discussion thread so that you are able to reply to current comments of your customers.

Provided features:

  • Subscribe to User / User Follow
  • Option to load all comments on the first-page load
  • Sticky Comments
  • Custom Comment Forms with custom fields
  • Overwrite comment template and style
  • Add comment system on attachment pages
  • Long comment text braking function
  • Multi-level comment threads


  • Outstanding support
  • Very useful plugin
  • Absolutely fantastically perfect

2. Disable Comments

Disable Comments

This is one of the best comment plugins for WordPress that allows your admin to disable the comments on any kinds of your posts such as attachments, pages, blogs and on. What’s more, you can also use this plugin to delete all comment-related fields which come from quick-edit screens.

Provided features:

  • All comment-related sections
  • Disable comments on the entire network
  • Comment-related items
  • Remove all comment-related fields
  • Quick-edit screens
  • The “Discussion” settings page


  • Very helpful
  • Stable, fast, simple
  • Really clever and outstanding

3. WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer

WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer

This plugin allows your users to make a comment on your WordPress site by the way of using Social Media accounts. In addition, they can also share the content of your site so that you can increase customer traffic. In case you want your site to be compatible with Social Share or Facebook Comments, you can install Sassy Social Share or Fancy Comments.

Provided features:

  • Better Customer Relationship
  • Enhances Marketing Efforts
  • Updated and Genuine Data
  • Higher Conversations
  • Credibility
  • Works for the lazy
  • Spam Reduction
  • Rapid signup/login
  • Supports HTTPS-enabled websites


  • Simple and easy and stable
  • Really powerful plugin
  • Easy handling

4. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

This plugin allows your users to sign up for mail notification and use it to suspend all notifications as well as unsubscribe to particular posts. Moreover, using this plugin, you can solve almost problems that may affect Mark Jaquith’s version and admin can also enable a double opt-in mechanism or require customers to specify their subscription.

Provided features:

  • One-Click Unsubscribe
  • Imports Mark Jaquith’s Subscribe
  • Easily manage and search among subscriptions
  • Get and Download your System information
  • Messages are fully customizable


  • Wonderful plugin
  • Great support
  • Smart and efficient

5. WP Add-on for Facebook Comments

WP Add-on for Facebook Comments

WP Add-on for Facebook Comments enables your users to comment on the content by the way of using Facebook accounts.  Besides, this plugin offers you an option of sharing the comment activity with their friends or relatives on Facebook and you can also use a Facebook tool to limit the comments.

Provided features:

  • Moderation with Facebook App
  • Facebook Comments Widget
  • Comments for all posts and CPT
  • Fully Responsive
  • Localized in 56+ Languages
  • Comments by Shortcode for pages


  • Great Support
  • An Elegant Plugin
  • Excellent

6. Fancy Comments WordPress

Fancy Comments WordPress

This is a powerful WordPress Comment Plugin that allows your visitors to comment on your site by using Facebook account easily. In addition, it also helps you to get traffic from your Facebook easily as well as optimize your site in an effective and social way.

Provided features:

  • Set default comment
  • Change language
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • Post comment on Facebook timeline
  • Sort comments by Time or Social Ranking
  • Widget and Shortcode
  • Multisite Compatible
  • And more


  • Awesome plugin
  • Excellent support
  • Responsive, simple and feature-rich

7. Advanced Comment Form

Advanced Comment Form

This is a modern plugin that gives you an ability to customize WordPress comment which comes from the dashboard. Moreover, this extension also allows you to delete the email field or site field as well as add custom text before and after the form.

Provided features:

  • Remove Fields
  • Change Texts
  • Use a two columns layout
  • Shortcode to insert comment form
  • Customize the WordPress comment form


  • Works well
  • Fast and easy
  • Quick and easy to use

8. WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments

WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments

This is one of the best comment plugins for WordPress that enables you to deliver the comment system of your site. You can also completely manage 4 desired comment system as well as select the tabbed and stacked interface which includes comment re-ordering.

Provided features:

  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • Customize labels
  • Show/Hide comment counts
  • Enable Social Comments
  • Customizable behavior
  • Rearrange order
  • Integrate Disqus Comments
  • Plugin loads optimally


  • Good support
  •  Works well
  • Easy and lightweight

9. Decent Comments

Decent Comments

This plugin allows you to display comments box at any place on your site which includes the author’s avatars and an excerpt of comments. In addition, you can have the ability to display comment for a particular post type or existing post. Also, it enables you to specify the number of words that should be displayed for excerpts.

Provided features:

  • Set your kind of ellipsis
  • Set the number of comments
  • Show an excerpt or the full comment
  • Choose to not show the comment
  • Sort by author email, author URL, content
  • Determine the number of words shown
  • And more


  • Excellent Comment Organization
  •  Nice plugin
  • The best of its kind

10. Disable Comments and Delete Comments: WP Remove comments and Disable Comments

Disable Comments and Delete Comments WP Remove comments and Disable Comments

This plugin allows you to disable as well as remove comments of your posts easily in order to finish spam. Moreover, the comment which is relevant to options and features can also be deleted from Admin menu, Dashboard or Widgets.

Provided features:

  • Pingbacks are disabled
  • Disables all comments widget
  • Discussion page settings turned off
  • Easy Enable or disable Comments
  • Remove website/URL field
  • Automatically disables all comments
  • Delete comments in one click


  • Simply the best
  • Nice plugin
  • Save time


We hope that this collection is helpful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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