In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient inventory management is crucial for the success of any online business. As WooCommerce continues to dominate the realm of WordPress-based online stores, the integration of powerful tools becomes imperative. Among these tools, barcode plugins stand out as indispensable assets, revolutionizing the way businesses handle their inventory. Today, we delve into the realm of WooCommerce Barcode Plugins, exploring the top solutions that are reshaping the landscape of inventory management.

Benefits of using Woocommerce Barcode Plugins

  • Enhanced Accuracy: WooCommerce Barcode Plugins significantly improve the accuracy of inventory management. By automating data entry and reducing the reliance on manual input, the risk of human errors, such as miscounts or typos, is greatly minimized.
  • Real-time Inventory Updates: This ensures that your online store reflects accurate stock information, preventing overselling and allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment: Accurate and up-to-date inventory information means faster and more efficient order fulfillment. Businesses can fulfill orders promptly, reducing the chances of delayed shipments and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Woocommmerce Order Barcodes

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WooCommerce Order Barcodes plugin provides an array of powerful features that enhance the e-commerce experience for both businesses and customers. With the ability to utilize barcodes, businesses can effortlessly sell e-tickets, e-reservations, packing slips, and more. This versatile functionality not only simplifies the order process but also significantly streamlines order processing, saving valuable time and resources. By implementing barcode scanning, businesses can accurately match products with orders, effectively minimizing shipping mistakes and greatly reducing customer dissatisfaction.


  • Utilizing barcodes to sell e-tickets, e-reservations, packing slips, or something like that
  • Creating unique barcodes for each order
  • Scanning barcodes to match products with orders
  • Attaching barcodes to packages for seamless tracking


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

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The YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes plugin is an invaluable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. With its ability to generate and seamlessly integrate barcodes on products, this plugin offers great convenience and efficiency. Additionally, the plugin greatly improves the management of e-commerce order statuses and stock, enabling businesses to easily track and organize their inventory.


  • Generating barcodes or QR codes for products and orders
  • Displaying the barcode/QR code
  • Printing barcodes and QR codes


  • Convenient
  • Time-saving

Product barcode generator- barcode generator for WooCommerce

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The product barcode generator, a remarkable barcode generator for the WooCommerce plugin, is an integral tool for efficient inventory management and order tracking. Thanks to its advanced features, this Woocommerce Barcode Plugin gives you the ability to automatically generate barcodes, ensuring seamless integration with your WooCommerce store. The versatility of this tool lies in its capability to create barcodes in four different formats, allowing for flexibility and compatibility across various systems.


  • Automatically generating barcode with 4 types of formats
  • Generating barcode images for WooCommerce orders
  • Product barcode on order page


  • Free
  • Simple to use

Order Barcodes for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Barcode Plugins 4

The Order Barcodes for WooCommerce is a highly efficient and professional solution for businesses operating through the WooCommerce platform. With its advanced features, this Woocommerce Barcode Plugin allows users to effortlessly add Barcodes or QR codes to both new and existing orders within WooCommerce. This easily trackable system brings added convenience for businesses when it comes to managing their inventory and streamlining their operations.


  • Add a Barcode or QR Code to new and existing orders within wooCommerce
  • Automatically generated barcodes for all orders and included in the store and order emails
  • Shortcode allows you to place the form anywhere on your site


  • Easy and simple to set up and use
  • Flexible

Barcode Generator for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Barcode Plugins 5

The Barcode Generator for WooCommerce plugin comes with a lot of essential features designed to enhance the functionality of your WooCommerce store. By seamlessly integrating barcodes into product pages and other relevant areas, this Woocommerce Barcode Plugin offers a professional solution to streamline your operations and improve efficiency. Through the utilization of shortcodes, you can effortlessly embed barcodes into even the most intricate sections of your website, ensuring seamless accessibility and simplicity for both you and your customers.


  • Creating barcodes for WooCommerce products, orders, and emails
  • The size of the barcode can be adjusted
  • Adding barcodes into invoices or any other third-party plugins by using shortcodes


  • Convenient
  • Simple to use


To sum up, these top Woocommerce barcode plugins offer a range of features and functionality to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your online store. Whether you’re looking to streamline your inventory management or improve the accuracy of your order fulfillment process, these plugins are a must-have for any serious online retailer. From barcode generation to scanning and printing, they provide a comprehensive solution for integrating barcodes seamlessly into your Woocommerce store.

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