If you are finding out and intend to build a professional WordPress website, then have you heard the term WordPress hosting? This is an extremely important factor if you want to build, maintain and develop an effective WordPress website. So, in today’s blog, we would like to give you some fundamental and vital information about WordPress Hosting. Let’s start now!

Introducing WordPress Hosting


Firstly, we need to know what is Hosting? Hosting is the service of storing web pages on a server connected to the internet. This is where your source code is stored on the server to ensure your website is up and running. So, how about WordPress Hosting? Simply put, it is a web hosting service. It is preconfigured to assist you in hosting a WordPress website easily and efficiently. Therefore, it will make the installation process and performance become better.

Types of main WordPress Hosting

  • Shared Hosting: When you use shared hosting, it means you use a single server with others. For websites that are small and require few resources, using this type of hosting will help you save costs. However, when using it, you will encounter some limitations such as your website will run slow because of sharing resources. Moreover, you can also run into some trouble with the risk of a security breach. So, Shared Hosting is good for beginners or small websites.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It sits between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Hence, It is considered an upgrade of shared hosting. Therefore, when using this type, you will not only have more resources but also save costs effectively. Besides, you will just share space resources with only 5 to 20 accounts. In other words, you’re less likely to run into risks associated with a malware breach. Thus, it’s a great choice for medium-traffic sites. You also have the option to use Windows VPS hosting. It allows you to do everything with ease, as it’s Windows-based, and most people are already familiar with the user interface and the operating system in general and provides additional security, as it’s run by Microsoft.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Although this type of hosting is quite expensive, the performance is perfect. With a dedicated server, you have full access to resources without having to share them with anyone. Therefore, you can easily avoid the bad effects compared to using the two types of hosting above. However, when using this type, you need highly specialized knowledge and the ability to build and manage everything. So, the đeicated server hosting is recommended for high-traffic sites.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: This is the unique type of hosting providing various services specifically related to WordPress.Using this type of hosting, you can improve speed as well as eliminate security-related problems. However, a few disadvantages of this type are its high cost and average flexibility. Therefore, this is the type of hosting for small and medium sites.
  • Cloud Hosting: This type of storage is quite complex and requires specific technical knowledge. This type is located between VPS and dedicated hosting. Basically, when using cloud hosting, your website will be saved in the cloud instead of a specific server. Thus, this type can be suitable for everyone, depending on different usage needs.


Outstanding features

  • Automatic update: It allows configuration support to automatically update plugins and themes. So, you can easily reduce problems and avoid external attacks.
  • Good optimization
  • Fast page loading speed: Page loading speed is one of the most important determinants of customer retention. Thanks to WordPress Hosting, you can effectively improve and speed up your website browsing
  • Good backup support: It will help you back up the data for your website every day. Therefore, when your website has any problems, even if it goes down, you don’t need to worry because your important data is backed up.
  • Wonderful security: Your website will be fully protected thanks to automatically updated versions and a special hosting environment, against hackers and other security problems.
  • Great traffic expansion
  • Support International Domain Names
  • cPanel Account Control Panel
  • Web File Manager
  • Log Files
  • FTP Access
  • Override the .htaccess support
  • Custom Cronjobs
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SSD Hardware
  • And more…

Although there are a lot of useful features, we can’t deny that it has some drawbacks. For example, some WordPress hostings don’t allow you to use certain plugins, because they can take up a large amount of space and resources on the host, causing slow processing. In addition, it works in the direction of self-sufficiency. In other words, it automatically updates and manages to improve the site’s performance. Therefore, if you want to control everything, then WordPress Hosting is not a perfect choice for you.

Requirements when purchasing WordPress Hosting

Some hardware and software engineering requirements you should notice:

  • MySQL: version 5.6 or higher/ any version of MariaDB.
  • PHP: version 7 or higher.
  • Web server: Apache, Nginx, or LiteSpeed.
  • Storage capacity: Hosting disk space to store source code, photos, videos, etc.
  • Bandwidth: The total amount of Up/Down File of Hosting in 1 month.
  • Uptime: The higher the Hosting uptime, the greater the amount of website traffic.
  • Real-time automatic backup service: At least backup 1 time/day.
  • And more…

WordPress Hosting Providers

Some of the popular hosting providers include Bluehost, Cloudways, DreamHost, Flywheel, GoDaddy, HostGator, InMotion Hosting, SiteGround, etc. To reach the most popular WordPress Hosting in the current market, we highly recommend you navigate to the Collection of 12 Must-see WordPress Hosting In 2022. And, to have a more comprehensive view as well as see the advantages and disadvantages of each provider, we will introduce you to the comparison blogs about hosting providers in the next times.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we have already shared with you the crucial information about WordPress Hosting. Hence, we hope that you can clearly understand the definition and have an overview of it. If you have any question related to this topic today, then don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. Furthermore, don’t forget to visit our site to get more Free WordPress Themes here. Hope you enjoy the blog today.

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