If you desire to insert, customize and showcase related posts on your WordPress website, it’s a good idea for you to explore the list of useful WordPress Related Post Plugins, then get the most suitable one for your site. Your hope is in the blog. Don’t miss it.

Why is the WordPress Related Post Plugin helpful for your site?

WordPress Related Post Plugin is an excellent solution to add as well as display a list of related posts on your site. In addition, you have the ability to show a category of related posts on your WordPress site in areal-time. Another good point is that this tool allows you to edit many features of your thumbnails such as size, type of relationship as well as display settings, and much more. Let’s start now!


Top best WordPress Related Post Plugin

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is a wonderful WordPress Related Post Plugin that allows you to show a category of related posts on your WordPress site in areal-time. In addition, through this plugin,  you can also retain your visitors, refresh old entries as well as reduce bounce.

Provided features:

  • Display related posts on your site
  • Add related posts to widgetized area
  • Find related posts by title
  • Customizable output
  • Extendable code
  • Create three MySQL FULLTEXT indices


  • High performance
  • Great plugin and support
  • Excellent plugin

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin For Wordpress

This WordPress Related Post Plugin enables you to insert a related post thumbnail after your posts. What’s more, this plugin allows you to edit many feature of your thumbnails such as size, type of relationship as well as display settings. You can also determine the number of your related post so that you can show, begin date as well as categories.

Provided features:

  • Shortcode is available in the sidebar widget
  • Relate posts by tags, categories or custom taxonomies
  • Select page/post type and categories


  • Super simple
  • Easy to edit designs

Custom Related Posts

Custom Related Posts is a useful WordPress Related Post Plugin that enables you to insert related posts into any posts, pages, and custom post types. Furthermore, this plugin also enables you to manage those related links as well as select for yourself whether they go both ways.

Provided features:

  • Optionally show featured images
  • Import from XML using post IDs
  • Compatible with the Classic Editor
  • Set which post types the plugin
  • Easily define relations in one or both ways
  • Display related posts with a shortcode, widget or block


  • Great plugin
  • Perfectly
  • Superb support

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

One might say that Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a standout amongst other WordPress Related Post Plugins as of late. Giving incredible elements of relating posts, pages, or custom post types to the passage that your guests are perusing, will be a magnificent strategy to keep them keep on perusing other substances identified with the subject they are keen on your site.

Provided features:

  • Capacity to show list view or thumbnail of related posts
  • Templating framework to oversee how substance are appeared
  • Use calculation for post content, title, classifications, labels, and so on.
  • Custom showcase choices to show related substance in RSS channels


  • Simple to utilize
  • Predictable quality and stable usefulness
  • Think of exact proposals

Related Posts For Wordpress

With in excess of 50000 establishments, Related Posts for WordPress has been thought to be one of the quickest and most effortless modules for connecting pertinent presents on existing substance. By only a single tick, it will complete all the work for you. You should simply choose the number of presents on relating.

Provided features:

  • Wizard to dissect and interface post naturally
  • Make store to keep destinations quick
  • Permit physically redo mistakenly related posts
  • Include a shortcode at any situation in substance to show related posts
  • Gadget permitted to show related posts in the sidebar


  • Lightweight
  • Very much structured
  • Simple to-redo CSS style includes

Inline Related Posts

Another astounding WordPress Related Posts Plugin that we energetically prescribe to you is Inline Related Posts. An element that makes this module not the same as the others is that it shows related posts inside your entrances. A client has said that in the wake of utilizing this module, there was an expansion of 99% in site visits on his site so there is no explanation not to attempt it.

Provided features:

  • Addition related boxes inside the content substance
  • Line breaks are recognized naturally
  • Include a few boxes in posts naturally
  • Give more than 20 styling choices including hues, topic, and drift.


  • A wide assortment of custom hues
  • Brilliant help
  • Simple to set up and alter

Similar Posts – Best Related Posts Plugin For Wordpress

This is one of the best WordPress Related Post Plugins that enables you to show a category of posts which are the same as your current posts. You can also use this plugin to edit this list in many ways. It also has more than 30 tags for you to show template customization.

Provided features:

  • Matching of current post’s category, tags, content, and author
  • Post excluding by author, ID, category, tags and custom fields
  • Complete control over the display & layout of displayed posts
  • Over 30 tags for display template customization
  • Output in posts, widgets, and RSS
  • Over 50 options available


  • Great stuff
  • Super flexible

Cp Related Posts

CP Related Posts enables you to show related articles on your WordPress site easily including tags that are assigned to your articles. What’s more, thanks to an algorithm included in this WordPress Related Post Plugin, you can determine the most representative term in the tiles, abstract as well as your content.

Provided features:

  • Select the number of related posts
  • Extract the related terms from the titles of the articles
  • An automatic algorithm to determine the weight of the relationship
  • Associate posts manually
  • Define a threshold for relations between posts


  • Works well
  • Excellent
  • Simple but effective

List category posts

List Category Posts

List category posts is a simple but effective Related Post Plugin that enables you to list your posts by category by using some simple shortcode. Furthermore, this WordPress Related Post Plugin also helps you to add the shortcode in your text and posts in a direct way when you customize your posts and pages.

Provided features:

  • Advanced post selection options
  • Find common shortcode use cases
  • Output customizations
  • Custom templates of your own design


  • Great plugin
  • Well documented




Thanks for reading! We hope that this article about the collection of top WordPress Related Post Plugins can help you show a list of related posts on your site effectively! If you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible.

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