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Improve your products better and better through Customers’ feedback with the best Woocommerce Customer Reviews Plugin!

One of the best ways to improve the quality of products and make your team work more efficient is getting feedback from your own customers. In today collection, we are going to list the best Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin below to help you get easier to choose the most suitable plugin for your site.  Let’s take a look!

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

This Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin helps you encourage customers to leave reviews of product then make conversion of your store grows up by an automatic review reminder. Customers who have made purchase from your store will be sent reminder email which invites them to review product they got.

Provided options:

  • Review reminder
  • Provide form for aggregated review
  • Enhanced customer reviews
  • Discount after review


  • Support many popular languages and it is possible to contribute your own language
  • Easy to install and setup

2. Reviews Ultimate

This is the best customer review plugin for wordpress which allows your customers to review on different products, services,…This plugin provides 2 product review shortcodes which are displaying your reviews and displaying review form for customers to submit.

Provided options:

  • Manage customers’ reviews
  • Display reviews on a page or all pages of products.
  • Support multiple rating systems
  • Filter reviews


  • Easy to use and customize

3. Google Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Google Customer Reviews for Woocommerce is a plugin which integrates Google Customer Reviews of Google Merchant Center to your Woocommerce website. This plugin offers you an option to pick the location of the popup along with Survey Opt-in code on Order Received page.

Provided options:

  • Sending GTIN data to Google with each product purchase enabling product reviews.
  • Integrates Google Customer Reviews Badge
  • Choose language,  popup survey opt-in position, estimated delivery (days), rating badge position…


  • Support Woocommerce 3.0

4. WooCommerce reviews plugin by Wiremo

Wiremo is a convenient Woocommerce Customer Reviews plugin which help your team to improve products quality and make your team work more effective by receiving feedback from your customers. With this plugin, your customers can use their social accounts to log in and leave review.

Provided options:

  • In-email or on-landing review request automatically
  • Pop-up/ Conversation trigger
  • Reply to reviewers


  • Friendly design
  • Support many languages, notification system

5. Reviews Widget

This powerful wordpress customer feedback plugin helps you to request customers a review for your store. It is triggered automatically when a customer makes a purchase through email.

Provided options:

  • Support, Google, WooCommerce, Facebook and manual reviews
  • Random text section

6. Review & Product Review by Review Builder

Review & Product Review is adding to your page review and star rating section. Offering your site a full set of features with an awesome display of review, you can add custom criteria of products, a nice title for the review box, option of colours and more.


  • Able to create as many reviews as you want
  • Able to customize reviews as the way you want.

7. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

Beyond traditional product reviews and rating, this Woocommerce Customer Review plugin offers your customers a new way to add title and 1 or many attachments to the reviews. Besides, a summary will be generated for each product with the description of number of reviews which have been written with each different rating.

Provided options:  

  • Add rich snippets to the reviews.
  • Allow customers to add a title/ attachment to product review.


That’s all of our collection of the best Woocommerce Customer Reviews Plugin today! We hope that you can find at least one suitable plugin. Furthermore, you can refer to these Free WooCommerce Themes to create a wonderful WooCommerce website. Don’t hesitate to share with your friends if you find this article helpful!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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