Are you looking for a useful tool to create leads on your site? Top Woocommerce Request a quote Plugin is regarded as the most effective tool to solve your problems.

The reason why should you use Woocommerce Request a Quote Plugin for your site

Now with the support of these Woocommerce Request a Quote plugin, you can easily allow your customers to leave a quote of their favorite items. In today’s collection, we are going to introduce you to some of the best plugins which help you well with the request a quote feature. Let’s check it out now!


Top Nice Woocommerce Request a Quote Plugins

NP Quote Request WooCommerce

Np Quote Request Woocommerce

This convenient and flexible Woocommerce Request a Quote plugin allows customers to submit a quote request easily to your online store, and you can use it store settings. It is also possible to change the Woocommerce Cart to a quote request only, and designate selected items to quote items. Besides, your customer can also request quotes for only those selected items then check out as usual with other items.

Provided features:

  • Fully compatible with Woocommerce
  • Generate orders with an RFQ
  • Show/Hide prices with your selection of RFQ mode/Normal Checkout mode
  • Deliver email confirmation to shop owner and customers.
  • Show RFQ list in the page RFQ
  • Price visibility control
  • and more.


  • Fast and efficient support.

 Product Enquiry for WooCommerce

Product Enquiry For Woocommerce

Adding an enquiry button to all of your Woocommerce Product pages, this Woocommerce Request a Quote plugin also allows a customer to send you a quote of request or an enquiry. By offering this button, you can make a potential customer to a real customer!

Provided features:

  • Add Request a Quote Button or  an Enquiry
  • Localization Ready
  • Configuration Settings:
  • Email to Site Owner
  • and more.

eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

Ecommerce Product Catalog Plugin For Wordpress

An easy to use and beautiful Woocommerce that will be useful for you to allow your customers to send request a quote easily.

Provided features:

  • Show items everywhere on your site along with price and custom parameters or NOT
  • Customize product display by WordPress customizer, CSS or template files
  • Arrange items to categories in multi-level, tags, multiple product catalogs
  • Allow visitors to request a quote of selected items or all items from catalogs
  • and more.


  • Easy to use and customize
  • Clear and well-structured.

Quotes for WooCommerce

If you need a plugin which helps you to convert your online store to a quote only program, then you should give this plugin a look. It allows you to hide product price and adjust the button “Add to card” to “Request Quote”.

Provided features:

  • Send the end-user an email to notify when a quote is finalized


  • Functional, simple to install and set up
  • Great support.

YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

Yith Woocommerce Request A Quote

A great Woocommerce Request A Quote plugin which allows your clients to require a list of product they want to buy. Using with only a button in Woocommerce product detail page, your clients can create a list by their own, then receive the estimate from the shop owner.

Provided features:

  • Create a customizable “Request a Quote” page in your online store
  • Customizable “Add to Quote” text button and link
  • “Add to Quote” text/button can be deactivated
  • “Add to Quote” text/button in the product detail page of Woocommece
  • The basic form of a quote list page
  • “Add to cart” button can be hidden anywhere in your store
  • Customizable email  “Request a quote” from your store
  • and more.



It is the end of the collection today. Besides, don’t forget to look for a beautiful appearance for your site by visiting our Free WordPress Themes. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any question, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we are always ready to help!

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