Crocoblock is known as a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for the WordPress website development process. However, have you ever wondered what makes Crocoblock so popular? If you want to know about it, let’s get started exploring the Crocoblock review we bring you today!

Crocoblock Review: An overview

What is Crocoblock?

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Crocoblock is famous as an all-in-one toolkit that provides a vast array of plugins, templates, and dynamic content capabilities for WordPress. This tool is built for Elementor first, and then it also supports with Gutenberg block editor. With the help of the plugins or widgets of Crocoblock, you are smoothly able to build dynamic WordPress websites without coding requirements.

Besides providing helpful plugins for website building, Crocoblock offers more than 60 ready-made Elementor templates which are focused on developing online stores. So, there are a lot of handy features available for you to generate and manage e-commerce websites.


Plans & Pricing

If you just want to use and pay for one or some Crocoblock plugins, there will be different costs for each plugin (from $0 to $88). However, if you need to use more than 10 plugins and hope to get more features from Crocoblock with a cheaper option, you can consider one of the three packages, including All-Inclusive, Freelance Lifetime, and Lifetime. Depending on your business demand, you can find out first and then select the best option.

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Let’s have a look at some information about each pricing package below:

  • Custom ($0/year): You can choose to pay for any plugin you want and use it for 1 project. The product updates and support will last for 1 year. The dynamic templates, design templates, and interactive pop-ups won’t be included.
  • All-Inclusive ($199/year): By using this option, you can get all Crocoblock plugins (20 plugins) for 1 project. The product updates and support are similar to the Custom plan. However, you are allowed to access 14 dynamic templates, 47 design templates, and 50 interactive pop-ups.
  • Freelance Lifetime ($750 for one time): All features are similar to the All-Inclusive plan, but you can use the option for 500 projects. And the product updates and support are forever.
  • Lifetime ($999 for one time): It includes all features of the Freelance Lifetime. However, this plan enables you to use it for unlimited projects.

Strength & Weakness

Strength Weakness
Powerful plugins and features JetReview: It doesn’t include Schema markup
Eye-catching and responsive templates Some plugins are not compatible with both Elementor and Gutenberg
Easy to customize, set up and manage There are expensive solutions in some cases
Frequently updates The topics of Crocoblock templates are very diverse yet
Detailed and useful resources
24/7 support services


Crocoblock Review: Feature exploration

Now, we would like to focus on the Crocoblock review with 2 principle aspects, including Crocoblock plugins and Crocoblock themes/templates.

Crocoblock Plugins

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Although Crocoblock doesn’t come with all aspects for WordPress developers or website owners to use to build a full website, it provides outstanding and trending tools in this field. Almost of the Crocoblock plugins are built to be compatible with Elementor and some are supported for Gutenberg. Now, it’s time for us to explore each plugin.


JetEngine is known as a handy tool for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and custom fields, making it easy to manage and display dynamic content. This plugin is compatible with both Elementor and Gutenberg. So, you can effectively create highly personalized and dynamic websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The price for JetEngine is $43/year.

  • Dynamic content (6 widgets)
  • Listing Grid & Dynamic Features (5 widgets)
  • Listing items (7 widgets)
  • Datastore, Glossary & Dynamic Visibility

Jet Elements

The plugin provides a comprehensive library of new widgets and elements that can be used to build more dynamic and visually appealing web pages. It is just compatible with Elementor Page Builder. The price is similar to JetEngine – $43/year. By using it, you can get 45 widgets based on 6 main topics, they are:

  • Image widgets (8 widgets)
  • Visual widgets (6 widgets)
  • Posts, business widgets (6 widgets)
  • Numerical data widgets (7 widgets)
  • WooCommerce widgets (6 widgets)
  • Integration opportunities


JetStyleManager is built for Gutenberg blocks and you don’t need to pay any cost for using this plugin. Thanks to it, you are able to get the ability below:

  • Style controls: Customizing borders, padding, dimensions, color picker options
  • Responsive controls: Adding a new option controller allowing you to modify settings on different kinds of devices
  • Typography settings: Editing texts including font size, color, letter spacing, style, etc


With just $23/year, you can own a JetSearch plugin to help you build highly customizable and dynamic search forms, enabling visitors to find content quickly and efficiently. Since the plugin is compatible with not only Elementor but also Gutenberg, it’s convenient for you to use it whether you use Elementor or Gutenberg.


JetSmartFilters is a game-changer for Elementor and Gutenberg users looking to enhance their website’s filtering and sorting capabilities. With 17 filtering widgets, you can build dynamic and interactive filterable layouts, making content discovery a breeze. Therefore, your visitors are freely able to refine search results based on various criteria like categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and more. The price of the plugin is $43/year.


JetGridBuilder is a 100% free plugin developed for both Gutenberg and Elementor. With the assistance of the plugin, it’s simple for you to style grids with customizable columns, blocks and thumbnails.


Currently, JetBlocks is only developed for Elementor Page Builder, and it costs $19/year. With 9 widgets for adding stylish headers and footers, you can gain access to a variety of powerful widgets such as a site logo, navigation menu, search bar, shopping cart, login form, and more.


With 6 widgets supporting you to manage your online store, JetCompareWishlist which is compatible with Elementor will enable you to showcase compared products by data and well-structured wishlists. The price for using this plugin is only $15/year which is cheaper than the plugins above.


JetBooking plugin provides you with an array of tools to create and manage bookings for various services, events, accommodations, and more. Plus, it also comes with customizable booking forms, real-time availability checks, flexible pricing options, and integration with popular payment gateways, making it an ideal solution for businesses in the hospitality, events, and service industries. The plugin is supported for both Gutenberg and Elementor with $19 for one-year use.


This is a good solution offering advanced pop-up creation and management capabilities for your Elementor-based or Gutenberg-based websites. With $22 per year of use, this plugin is quite affordable. By using JetPopup, you can get all the features of Elementor’s popup builder such as:

  • Displaying conditions
  • Action triggers
  • Setting custom styles


With just $23 for using JetTabs in one year, you are effectively able to organize your content with 4 widgets, including:

  • Tabs: Add content to horizontal/vertical tabs
  • Image Accordion: Arrange imagery into accordion blocks
  • Classic Accordion: Put all kinds of content into accordion blocks
  • Switcher: Switch the content blocks with one click


If you find a Crocoblock that helps you build a custom Mega Menu with Elementor or Gutenberg, JetMenu is ready for you to check out. The tool brings you various layouts such as vertical layout, horizontal layout, or hamburger layout. Besides that, it also includes a lot of badges, icons, and fonts for you to modify the menu in your own style. The price is $43 for a single year of use.


In case you are seeking the best tool to support you generate and showcase customer reviews, JetReviews is one of the best recommendations for you. It is created for not only Gutenberg but also Elementor. With just $22 for one year of use, it’s convenient and flexible for you to adjust reviews to suit any project, from displaying dynamic rates for WooCommerce projects or editing and presenting review submissions.


JetWooBuilder is an efficient solution for those who are building an online store based on the WooCommerce platform. It costs $43 for a year. There are a lot of functions that the tool offers you, including:

  • 60+ widgets for generating and managing an eCommerce website
  • Custom templates, shop-specific pages, and layout switcher


If you want to focus on building a blogging WordPress website based on Elementor Page Builder, then JetBlog is a great suggestion for you to try. By paying $23 each year, you can get:

  • 6 dynamic widgets and blocks for generating a blog website
  • 4 types of displaying content
  • Support custom WP query
  • Work with custom post types
  • Specify smart posts list/posts tiles widgets as archive templates


Like a theme builder editor coming with Elementor or Gutenberg, JetThemeCore is available for you to generate ready-made templates for core pages, including single pages, product pages, archive pages, etc. To use this plugin, you have to pay $23 per year.


JetAppointment is a WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin that you can use to set up and manage appointment systems on your site. Now, the appointment form creating and displaying is not a difficult task for you to implement. Just paying $19 per year, you are able to build appointment sites and offer hourly services. There are 2 appointment booking schedule types:

  • Time picker: Customers can choose the time for appointments
  • Fixed time slot: You will set a specific timetable and then your clients will book your service with a suitable duration and price


JetProductGallery is a great option for those who need to build engaging images/photos and WooCommerce galleries with classic as well as modern formats. By purchasing the plugin for $23/year, you are able to get 4 Elementor Gallery widgets, including Gallery Grid, Gallery Modern, Gallery Slider, and Gallery Anchor Navigation. Plus, the main features of this plugin are product image zoom, gallery dynamic tags, pagination, custom styling, product lightbox controls, and advanced options.


With 8 widgets and blocks included for Elementor and Gutenberg, JetTricks will support you to add visual effects such as parallax, satellite or dynamic section particles. With $23 per year, it’s easy for you to play with different effects in order to emphasize your content.


If you desire to get a form builder plugin for Gutenberg, why don’t you have a look at JetFormbuilder? This free plugin will provide with you more than 18 modern field blocks to build stylish forms without any trouble.

Crocoblock Themes/Templates

Besides offering a lot of plugins to help WordPress website owners build their websites smoothly, Crocoblock also offers free Elementor themes named Kava. The theme is built for blog websites, so you can modify layouts, text blocks, breadcrumbs, and general site styles.

What’s more? Crocoblock also comes with 12 engaging templates, 47 static design templates, and 50 editable popup templates so you can choose and use them for your websites. However, almost them just focus on eCommerce purposes, such as service websites (booking, appointment), marketplace & directory websites (real estate, car dealer, vacation rental, job board), or e-Commerce shops.

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However, all of the themes/templates are fully responsive, easy to customize, and style. A lot of useful features and options are available for you to design your site in your own way. In general, Crocoblock themes or templates are great solutions that you should take a look at.

Crocoblock Review: Support Service

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An indispensable part of Crocoblock review is support service. It’s easy to recognize that Crocoblock’s resources are actually clear, useful, and informative. There will be 4 parts that you can check out to find out suitable information, including knowledge base, troubleshooting, support, and blog.

In case you can’t find the handy information in the help center there, you can submit a ticket, write a message or schedule a Zoom call so that the Crocoblock support team can help you shortly. Don’t worry since all of them are masters and ready to support you to deal with the issues you are facing.


Crocoblock Review: Final thoughts

To conclude, Crocoblock is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to build a professional and eye-catching WordPress website in a time-saving way. From plugins, widgets, and templates, the Crocoblock team is always developing them day by day to bring the best experience to the clients. We hope that the Crocoblock review today may help you have an overview and understand more about Crocoblock.

If you have more relevant information, why don’t you leave your comment below? Further, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress Themes if you need to get new responsive ones.

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