As you know, the mail templates in Joomla will be used for any mail and it is sent automatically from your website. For previous Joomla versions, the mailing forms were formatted in Plaintext only. This does not assist you in creating more professional, eye-catching, and user-friendly email templates. So, you can see an example below.

Enable Html Mail Templates In Joomla 4-1

However, if you are using Joomla 4, one of the major new features of Joomla 4 is allowing you to use HTML templates. Thanks to it, you are easily able to generate a complicated, professional, and attractive mail template. Therefore, in the blog today, we would like to show you how to enable HTML Mail Templates in Joomla 4. Let’s check it out now!

Enable HTML Mail Templates in Joomla 4

First of all, let’s log in to your Joomla 4 admin dashboard. After that, let’s open System -> Mail Templates.

Enable Html Mail Templates In Joomla 4-2

Now, on the top right corner of the screen, simply click on the Options button.

Enable Html Mail Templates In Joomla 4-3

In the Mail Format section, you just need to change the Plaintext into HTML. Then, press the Save & Close button. There will be a ‘Configuration Saved’ message to confirm your setting has been saved successfully.

Enable Html Mail Templates In Joomla 4-4

Now, you can access any mail template and customize it with the new HTML editor easily and smoothly. The HTML format comes with many useful features, supporting you create a professional and complex mail template without any difficulty.

Enable Html Mail Templates In Joomla 4-5


In conclusion, we have already shown you how to Enable HTML Mail Templates in Joomla 4. Hence, we hope that the short blog today will be handy. If your friends are looking for a guide to using the HTML mail templates, then don’t hesitate to share with them the blog. Last but not least, we are providing a lot of responsive as well as high-quality Joomla 4 Templates, don’t forget to take a look and get the best one for your site!

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