Why do you need to export a WordPress site?

Sometimes, you will need to migrate your WordPress site to a new domain or a web host, in case it is necessary for you to export your site to generate a backup of your site in the form of a tar.gz or zip file. Thanks to that, you can restore all vital information including the database, media files, plugins, and themes,..from your old website to another domain easily.

How to export your WordPress site?

Nowadays, in addition to the manual method, there are multiple WordPress Exporter Plugins that assist you to export your website effectively. Using plugins is regarded as the easiest way for those who are non-technical knowledge. In addition, it also works more smoothly than other methods.

In today’s tutorial, we are going to guide you on how to export your WordPress site with the two methods including:

  • Using build-in tools from your navigation menu
  • Export your website with the third-party plugin.


Method 1: Export your WordPress site using the build-in Export tool

In order to export your site from the navigation menu, you track the following steps.

Step 1: Visit Tools > Export on your dashboard. Now, in the export section, there are several options for your to choose from:

  • All contents: Export all content related to Post, Page, Menu, Custom field, and Custom Post Type.
  • Posts: This allows you to export posts-related content.
  • Pages: It only enables you to export page-related content.

Step 2: simply choose the type of data that you want to export.

Step 3: Once your choice is already, let’s click on the Download Export File button.

Export Your Wordpress Site

At present, this will download a .xml file to your computer

In addition, if you want to upload this export file to the new site, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to the new site that you want to import

Step 2: Visit Tools > Import. This brings you to the import screen

Step 3: Take a look at the WordPress option at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Install Now”

Export Your Wordpress Site

Step 4: After installing, keep clicking on the Run Importer. It takes you to the page where you can upload files.

Export Your Wordpress Site

Step 5: Click on the Choose file button to select your file from your computer and then hit the Upload file and import button.

Export Your Wordpress Site

In general, this method is quite easy to use, and however one of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that it requires you do a lot of steps and stages. For this reason, most developers have released a wide range of powerful tools that help you quickly migrate your website within a few clicks. We will show this in the next section.

Method 2: Using UpdraftPlus Plugin to export your WordPress site.

UpdraftPlus is regarded as one of the most prevalent and high-ranking scheduled backup plugins in the world. This is integrated with a wide range of common remote cloud storage services such as UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, and much more. Moreover, it will help you automatically create backups of your site.

Now, let’s track the following steps below to easily export your WordPress site.

Step 1: Install and activate UpdaftPlus Plugin

Similar to other plugins, firstly, you need to install and activate it. Just go to Plugins > Add New and then enter the plugin’s name in the search bar. Now click on the Install Now button and quickly activate it.

Photo8 1

Step 2: Configure settings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > UpdaftPlus Backups in your WordPress navigation menu. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Here, you can set files backup schedule and Database backup schedule from the drop-down options. You should choose which option suits your site.
  3. You can optionally increase or decrease the number of scheduled backups

Export Your Wordpress Site

Scroll down the screen and you can select where you’d like to store your files. UpdraftPlus offers a wide range of integration with several remote storage options.

4. Choose where you would like to store your backups. In our example, we select Google Drive as our favorite option.


After you have chosen your remote cloud storage service, each storage option will have its own set of instructions. Simply follow these and click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: Create backups of your site.

Now, your storage location has been set up. UpdraftPlus will automatically backup or website without you needing to do anything.

However, you can manually create a backup anytime by click on the Backup Now button.

Photo9 1

It takes you to the popup window like the screenshot below. Here, you can select database/files backup and whether you don’t want to send backup to the remote storage. And then keep clicking on the Backup Now button.


After that, UpdraftPlus will help you generate file backup zips of your site.


After completing the backup process, scroll down the screen at the bottom of the page, you will see Existing backups. Now, it is easy for you to download it to your computer by clicking on each button as the screenshot image below.

Note: In addition, whether you want to restore Backup data, you can click on the blue Restore button below the Actions section.


This will open the Restoration popup window. Here, you can choose which elements of your database that you want to restore. And then keep clicking on the Next button to move to the next page. Now let’s press on Restore again to proceed.

After your restore has been completed, a message will pop up telling you the restore has been successful.

Image 9 1


We have shared the two most prevalent methods to help you export your site without effort. We expect that through this tutorial you can master your website export process effectively.

Whether you have any queries or need our support, feel free to mention it in the comment section below. We will reply as soon as possible.

In addition, we collected a list of Excellent WordPress Migrate site plugins, you can visit to refer to more options that will help you migrate your site without effort.

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