HikaShop is actually fully translated in 30 languages and partially in 11 languages. By default, only the english language is on the installation package in order to reduce its size. If you use other languages that weren’t installed during the wizard setup phase of the installation of HikaShop.

To change your Hikashop language:

Step 1: Log into your Joomla Dashboard

Step 2: In the top menu, hover over Components, click HikaShop and click Configuration

Step 3: Click on the tab “Languages

Change Hikashop Language

Step 4:  Create your own language. HikaShop will propose you to load the latest version of this language directly from our website.

Step 5: Finally, you simply have to save the language to have it on your website. If you don’t see your language there, that’s because you first need to install your language in Joomla before you can install it in HikaShop.

For any reason, if your language file could not be automatically installed, you can manually download it here and upload it in the folder language/TAG (you need to replace TAG by the tag of your language) of your website via FTP.

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