The Hika components are compatible with several point systems. The first one is Alpha User Points and the second is the “user_points” custom field.
Thanks to it, you can use points in your HikaShop store in different ways.
To have the different user points plugins in HikaShop, you require the Business edition.
Please note that for all points plugins you can create several configuration and use all modes. So you can use Alpha User Points and HikaShop user points in the same time if you want to have two groups of points for example.

Configuration of the custom field

If you don’t want to use Alpha User Points, you can use an user custom field with the name “user_points”.
In the HikaShop backend, you have to create a custom field and use this configuration.

Using Points


HikaShop have a payment plugin which allow your customers to use their points when making an order.
The plugin can be use as a classical payment plugin but it can also be use to generate dynamic discount.
First, HikaShop had a plugin for “Alpha User Points” but we splited this old plugin into two “user points” plugins, one for the payment and the other to earn points.

In the HikaShop payment plugin listing, you can create a new payment plugin configuration and select the “HikaShop user points plugin”.
At this moment you will be able to configure the payment part.

First, you have to select the Points mode. If AlphaUserPoints is installed in your website, you will be able to select it, otherwise you will just have HikaShop points available.
Please check that the user_points custom field is right created, otherwise the plugin won’t be able to use the customer points.
The plugin have two different modes defined by the option “Use virtual coupons”. This option will define how you want to use the plugin for the payments.
Please activate the “partial payment” if you activate the virtual coupon mode, otherwise the coupon mode won’t be very useful.


HikaShop have a generic plugin which allow your customers to gain points by making orders.
Like shipping and payment plugin, you can create several configuration for the user points plugin in order to give more or less points depending to the products that your customers will buy.

Under the menu “HikaShop > plugins”, you can create a “New” plugin instance.
You need to select “HikaShop User Points plugin” in the list to create a new configuration to let your customer earn points

The instance configuration is similar to the configuration of payment/shipping plugins.
The important part is the “specific configuration”, zone where you will find all settings for the points earning.

Note : You have to configured your Invoice order status, more precisely an order is seen as finished when the Invoice step is reached. And so, if you order don’t reach it, no point will be gain by customer. You can reach this option in Components => HikaShop => Configuration, then in Main tab and Order part.

  • points mode Select the type of points that the customer will earn (HikaShop points, AlphaUserPoints, EasySocial points…)
  • Give points when using some allows you to not give points to customer when they want to use some of their points.
  • Points round down will force a round down on the number of points that the customer could earn
  • Give virtual points is a very special setting which give the right to the customer to use points that he does not earn yet.
  • Rate indicate the conversion rate between your main currency and the points. It is the main setting of the plugin.
  • Products points will affect a fixed number of points per products. That setting is useful if you don’t want to use the rate conversion.
  • Product categories is a filter for the previous settings. So only the products in the selected categories will be affect by the “rate”
  • Limit by type when you’re using points per product, that setting will avoid the quantity (variants) so a product will be count only once.
  • Shipping give points when you’re using the conversion rate, that setting allows you to include the shipping price in the conversion
  • Points earning on categories allow you to give points depending the product categories. Using “:limit by category” the number of products in the categories won’t affect the process and only the best category of each product will be used.
  • Points earning on groups will give a fixed amount of points to customer depending their Joomla user group. The setting “limit by group” will select only the best group.


Thanks to HikaSerial and his plugins, you can generate a “points” serial when a specific product is bought.
The serial will be a special serial, embedding some points. The user will be able to consume the serial in order to be credited of this points in his account.

The “points generator” in HikaSerial will also allow you to generate this special serials manually, or during an Acymailing newsletter campain.

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