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In this article, I’ll introcude The Include Data To The Backup In Akeeba Backup.

Note:This feature is available only in Akeeba Backup Professional, the paid version of our component.

Multiple Databases Definitions

If you really want to take a full site backup, you really need these databases backed up as well. The solution to this is the Multiple databases definitions option of Akeeba Backup.

Multiple Databases Definitions

At first, you are presented with a grid view, listing all database definitions. On the left of each entry, there are two icons:

  • The trashcan: Clicking on this icon will remove the current database definition from the backup set.
  • Pencil or Add: Both will open the database definition editor: the former to edit the database definition, the latter to create a new one.

Multiple Databases Definitions – The editor

The database definition editor opens as a dialog box inside the multiple databases definitions page. The options you can select for each database are:

  • Database driver: You can select which database driver Akeeba Backup will use to connect to the database.
  • Database server hostname: The host of your database server.
  • Database server port: Leave it blank, unless your host has told you to use a non standard port for connecting to his database server.
  • Username: The username of the database user needed to connect to the database.
  • Password: The password of the database user needed to connect to the database.
  • Database name: The name of the database you are connecting to.
  • Prefix: The prefix used in the table name’s prefixes.

When you think you have all the connection information ready, click on Test Connection. This will check all settings except the Prefix. If your connection works properly, it’s time to save your changes by clicking the Save button. The top panel will briefly display a “loading” message and the dialog box will go away. That was it, your extra database definition is now saved.

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