Test your site’s data with the top best Joomla Fake Data Extensions we bring you below. Don’t hesitate to start to check out them now!

Why should you use Joomla Fake Data Extensions

When you create a new product, it is necessary for you to create fake data to test whether your product works as you expected; therefore, having a tool to help you do this is a great solution. Understanding your need, today, we picked up top best Joomla Fake Data Extension that may be helpful for you.

Top Joomla Fake Data Extensions

JJ Fake Online User [Free Download]

Jj Fake Online User

 JJ Fake Online User is a Joomla Fake Data Extension that allows you to display a fake number of online guests or subscriber. Moreover, thanks to this extension, you can also create a random amount from the minimum number to the maximum number which depends on your requirement.

Provided features:

  • Generate a random number
  • Show in the module
  • Show a fake amount of online members


  • Great module
  • Easy to use and set up

JJ Fake Registered Users [Free Download]

Jj Fake Registered Users

JJ Fake Registered Users is a powerful and user-friendly Joomla Security Scanner that enables you to display the users who registered on your Joomla site. In addition, this extension also helps you to insert a number of options on the real number.

Provided features:

  • Show a fake amount on registered users
  • Add an amount of choice


  • Extremely simple
  • Easy to configure

qlchucknorris [Free Download]


This extension allows you to put a “punch” button on your Joomla site. By clicking on the button, the whole text of your site is exchanged by Chuck Norris facts. All texts of your site are replaced with random dummy text to find out if the layout is able to cope with many kinds of text length or not.

Provided features:

  • Place a “punch” button
  • Replace all texts of website
  • Chuck Norris facts
  • Cope with various kinds of text length
  • Hack into website texts

Moonchip Fake Whos Online [Paid Download]

Moonchip Fake Whos Online

This extension allows you to display the fake online users on your Joomla site as well as manage the guests and members individually and traffic fluctuation. Moreover, you are able to have the ability to select the maximum and the minimum number of users that you like.

Provided features:

  • Choose the minimum amount of users
  • Choose the maximum amount of users
  • Control fluctuation of traffic
  • Control members and guests separately
  • Display a fake amount of users online
  • Manage the number of fake users

Moonchip Fake Total Site Users [Paid Download]

Moonchip Fake Total Site Users - Joomla Fake Data Extension

This Joomla Security Scanner enables you to display the complete number of users on your site as well as display only true members as your requirement. In addition, you can insert many fake users as you desire and it also helps you to gain the popularity from your members.

Provided features:

  • Fake members will be added to the real members total
  • Add a number of fake members
  • Simply add as many fake members as you want
  • Show a fake total number of total users


To summarize, it’s a great recommendation for you to choose and utilize a powerful Joomla Fake Data Extension to check the data of your Joomla site. We will be happy if you can smoothly find the best extension in the wake of perusing the blog today. If you think it is useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your companions or other users.

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