Don’t hesitate to simplify the background images’ management with the support of many useful Joomla Page Background Extensions below.

Why should you use Joomla Page Background Extension?

If you have a plan on adding a video background or an image background for your Joomla site, this article may be for you. Here are the top 10 best Joomla Page Background Extensions that you can select the best one for applying background images or videos for your Joomla site. Let’s start now!

Top Joomla Page Background Extensions

HD-Background Selector [Free Download]

Hd-Background Selector

This is a simple Joomla Page Background Extension that enables you to use various background style for different pages on the sites of Joomla. Moreover, you are also able to choose pictures, repeated form, and background colors. You can also use this extension to apply to the principal background or to particular elements on your sites.

Provided features:

  • Apply random backgrounds
  • Multiple overlaid backgrounds
  • Day-specific backgrounds
  • Style individually from the others
  • Apply to a specific page
  • Increase the variety of your design


  • Professional crafted tool
  • Very easy to set up and working
  • Extremely easy to use

Marco’s parallax background scroller [Free Download]

Marco's Parallax Background Scroller

This is a simple and free extension with a particular background scrolling effect as well as a pretense of a pseudo-parallax effect. Moreover, you can also add many photos to your articles and determine a horizontal viewport in order to see the photos because they are virtually landscapes via a window.

Provided features:

  • CSS3 and responsive
  • Work on J2.5 and J3.x sites
  • Easy to use and configure
  • The particular background scrolling effect
  • Pseudo-parallax effect


  • Easy to set up
  • Great support
  • Works exactly

bgMAX [Free Download]


bgMax is a Joomla Image Background Module that enables to simplify the background images’ management on your Joomla site. Your background photos (both defined and random) are able to expand based on the browser’s size with the selective fading effect which is repeatable and appears during particular periods or by content.

Provided features:

  • CSS code can be further provided
  • Totally independent of the template
  • Grow depending on the size of the browser
  • Appear during specific periods or by content
  • Simplify the management of background images
  • Customized by size, color, and transparency


  • Easy to use and configure
  • Nice module
  • Powerful extension

Body bg image – SV [Free Download]

Body Bg Image - Sv

This is a free Joomla extension that enables you to insert flexible background photos to the full page screen. This extension provides your site a particular look. This enables you to change the background photo twice a day. These changes display at a particular time that you specified.

Provided features:

  • Give site an individual look
  • Add  responsive background images
  • The shift takes place at a time specified


  • Easy to install
  • Work perfectly

JUX Background Video [Paid Download]

Jux Background Video

JUX Background Video is a modern background video extension for Joomla 3.x which was developed by JoomlaUX team. Besides, you are able to change the volume as well as display the silent ambient background video. Another special feature of this extension is that it allows you to select HD, large or even higher quality of the video.

Provided features:

  • Next, back, pause the video
  • Control bar color
  • Support Joomla 3.x
  • Thumbnail available
  • Flexible Configuration with show/hide options
  • Multi browsers supported
  • Support auto play
  • Easy customization with custom CSS
  • jQuery with noConflict
  • And more


  • Solid and reliable support
  • Excellent online documentation
  • Simple but very effective

JUX Background Slider [Paid Download]

Jux Background Slider-Joomla Page Background Extension

JUX Background slider consists of many different image animation such as slide from top, Ken burns, fade or carousel. Thanks to these effects, your visitors can have an enjoyable experience. Moreover, it also enables you to insert an overlay in order to cover the background image of your Joomla site.

Provided features:

  • Random image supported
  • Drag & Drop in the backend
  • Cycles background via slideshow
  • Thumbnail available
  • Multiple navigation controllers
  • Keyboard navigation supported
  • Audio list supported
  • Display audio on top or at the bottom
  • Overlay: pattern, color, none
  • And more


  • Great image quality
  • Clear and precise documentation
  • Fantastic support

Responsive Background Slideshow[ Paid Download]

Responsive Background Slideshow-Joomla Page Background Extension

This extension is a universally CSS3 based background image Slider or Slideshow. Due to that, no JavaScript is needed, you can save resources in data transfer as well as in the user’s frontend. Moreover, it is powerful and amazing that you will love it for sure.

Provided features:

  • Image animation duration of 0 produces a freeze-frame
  • Pattern image can now be selected in backend, or use no pattern image
  • You can now use up to 50 images
  • Added a module class suffix, add your own class to the background slider module


  • Easy to use and install
  • Very intuitive
  • Nice

JO Video Background [ Paid Download]

Jo Video Background-Joomla Page Background Extension

JO Video Background is a module that allows you to add a video background to any position on your website. The module automatically picks the most optimal video format based on the browser where it is being run in. Furthermore, it has a built in image fallback for mobile devices where it is not possible to have a video playing as a background.

Provided features:

  • Worked fine on Joomla 2.5, 3.x and 4.x
  • Easy Video Background lets you Add Video To Any Div in the most simple way
  • Youtube and native video support (mp4, Flv, WebM, Ogg)
  • Support autoplay
  • Control functions such as pause, play, mute toggle, and more


  • Mobile friendly
  • Responsive
  • Nice

Maximage Background Slider[ Paid Download]

Maximage Background Slider-Joomla Page Background Extension

Maximage Background Slider is a fullscreen background slideshow module for Joomla that uses the jQuery Cycle plugin for it’s slideshow functionality. It has many significant features that you will enjoy for sure.

Provided features:

  • Your images will be automatically scaled to full screen
  • There is no need to change any code on your site
  •  Just assign this module to any module position visible on your site,
  • And more


  • Fully responsive
  • Nice extension
  • Great support


Do you get the best Joomla Page Background Extension for your site after reading the blog today? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Besides, let’s share the blog with your friends to help them choose the most suitable Joomla Page Background Extension.

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