Why does the Joomlashack system plugin: ‘alledia framework not found’ issue occur?

As you know, Joomlashack is a developer and provider of Joomla extensions and templates. Many people use Joomlashack extensions, recently, often see the message Joomlashack system plugin: ‘alledia framework not found’. Do not worry. Joomlashack developers have used the Alledia framework for maximum and efficient support of the extensions they provide. However, this problem appears when you try to uninstall the Joomlashack extension incorrectly. So, in the blog today, we would like to help you address the trouble.

How to solve Joomlashack system plugin: ‘alledia framework not found’ issue

In some cases, if you update the library, then Joomla won’t allow some files to be deleted and will stop unexpectedly during installation. So, this may be caused by incorrect files or directory permissions confusing the Joomla installer.

If you see the messages ‘Alledia framework no found‘ or ‘Joomlashack framework not found‘, simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the ShackFixFramework package, remember to leave it as a zip file.
  • Install it via Joomla Extension Manager.
  • It will showcase the messages on what it is doing. If everything is smooth, the message ‘Reinstalling the library was successful‘ will appear.

Moreover, you can also try to reinstall the OSSytem to fix the trouble.

Stopping point: Joomlashack system plugin: ‘alledia framework not found’

In conclusion, we have already suggested you some simple steps to support you to address the ‘Alledia framework not found’ problem smoothly. Thus, we hope that you can do that without any difficulties. If you have more solutions for the issue, don’t hesitate to share them by leaving your comments below. Besides that, let’s follow us because we will come back with many troubleshooting blogs to help you deal with Joomla errors. Last but not least, we are proving a lot of responsive and attractive Joomla templates, let’s take a look. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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