Do you have a test Joomla 4 website? Do you want this site to run unstable versions before the official release to check out or explore the new features first? Don’t worry since we will show you the answer in the blog. If Joomla 3 comes with the Joomla update Channel Component, then Joomla 4 will provide you with Joomla 4 Update option. So, all you need will become easier if you know how to Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel.

Thanks to this setting, you are easily able to choose the update channel options you want. There will be four options for you to select, including Default, Joomla Next, Testing, and Custom URL. Now, let’s follow the blog and find out how to Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel with detailed information!

How to Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel

Now, in order to set up Joomla 4 update channel, you need to go to System -> Global Configuration (in the Setup section) first.

Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel 1

After that, in the Options column on the left side, you just need to click on Joomla! Update section. So, the Update Source tab will appear for you to select the update channel. By default, Joomla will set the default option for the update channel.

This option is a suggested setting, supporting your Joomla site to receive all the released Joomla updates.

Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel 2

If you just want to update the next major release of Joomla, you can change the default option into the Joomla Next option. For example, if you are using Joomla 3.x and just need to update your site to Joomla 4.x, this option is suitable for you. That means you can’t update the Joomla 3.1.x to Joomla 3.2.x, for instance.

The next option of the update channel is Testing. This option is recommended for you to use on the test sites. When you choose this option, you can test the Joomla releases before it has the stable one. In other words, you will use the nightly builds until the Beta or the Release Candidate are ready.

The Minimum stability shows the stable level of the releases. Development is the least stable, the stable level will increase from Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate to Stable.

Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel 3

The last option for you to set up Joomla 4 update channel is Custom URL. This setting will allow you to use a custom update server. Like the Testing option, the Custom URL should be used on the test sites.

The Minimum Stability is similar to the Testing option. Moreover, this option also gives you a Custom URL field. So, you will use it to point to a custom XML to update the source URL.

Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel 4

After selecting the option you want, don’t forget to save your changes with the button at the top of the screen.

Now, when you update Joomla 4 site, you can see the selected update channel you set up before.

Set Up Joomla 4 Update Channel 5

Closing thoughts

To sum up, with the few simple steps and the detailed explanation we introduce to you above, we think that you can easily set up Joomla 4 update channel without any trouble. If you have any queries and need our support, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. What’s more? In case you believe the blog is helpful, let’s share it with your friends and others. Last but not least, we are providing a lot of responsive and highly-customizable Joomla 4 Templates, don’t miss them to build up your site and make it more professional as well as eye-catching. Thanks for your reading and see you in the next posts. Have a good day!

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