Information requests are the central element to the privacy component and processing user requests for their data to be exported or removed from a site.

As you know, the privacy info requests feature will support you to manage all user information requests effectively. Thus, you can easily add new user information requests, edit or delete them without any trouble. If you are looking for a useful guide to help you use Privacy Info Requests in Joomla 4, then the blog today is for you. We would like to show you how to handle Privacy Info Requests with a detailed explanation. So, let’s take a look now!

How to Use Privacy Info Requests in Joomla 4

Creating a new menu item for Privacy Info Requests

With an aim for allowing authenticated users to implement the privacy requests, you need to generate a menu item. So, you can share it among Joomla users.

Firstly, let’s go to Menus -> Main Menu -> + New on the Toggle Menu.

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After that, simply enter the title related to the privacy info request in the Title box. For example, we will fill out the Privacy Request for this menu item. Then, at the Menu Item Type option, let’s click on the Select button.

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A Menu Item Type popup will appear for you to select. So, you just need to choose Privacy -> Create Request to showcase a form to submit the info requests.

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Now, you can visit your front-end site to see the privacy request form. After your site users login to your site, they just need to fill out their email and select the request. Then, click on submit button to send the info request for you.

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Accessing the Privacy Info Requests

In order to see all the user info requests, you simply need to go to Users -> Privacy -> Requests. Then, all the info requests with detailed information will be showcased for you to manage.

Use Privacy Info Requests In Joomla 4-4

  • Status: It is the status of the info request. It includes 4 statuses:

+ Invalid: This info request was invalidated.

+ Pending: This status shows that the user hasn’t confirmed the info request yet. They can do that by accessing the email address they fill out when they sent the info request. Moreover, they can also get the token from the email, then paste it into the form in the given URL.

+ Confirmed: The info request has already been confirmed by the user.

+ Completed: The Super User has completed the info request.

  • Email: The email address of the user who owns the info request.
  • Request type: It comes with 2 types of info requests.

+ Export: The users can request to export data or export email data.

+ Remove: All the information data related to the users will be deleted anonymously.

  • Requested: The time that info request has been sent.

Furthermore, you can also create a new request for the user from the back end. So, you just need to open Users -> Privacy -> Requests -> New. After that, all you need to do is fill out the email of the user, then select the request type. Finally, let’s click on the Save & Close button to store all the changes.

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To sum up, we hope that the blog today can assist you to Use Privacy Info Requests in Joomla 4 smoothly. Besides, you can also find out how to use Joomla 4 Privacy Policy to protect and enhance your site effectively. If you believe the blog is helpful, why don’t you share it with your friends? What’s more? If you wish to make your site appearance become more attractive, let’s visit many responsive Joomla 4 Templates here. Thanks for your reading. See you in the next blogs.

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