In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One effective strategy to enhance your online store’s revenue and customer experience is by offering pre-order options for upcoming products. So, in the blog today, we are here to bring you the list of the best WooCommerce pre-order plugins that can boost your business effectively. Check it out now!

The main features of WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins

WooCommerce Pre-Order plugins come with several essential features to facilitate the implementation and management of pre-order functionality on your online store. Let’s explore the following list:

  • Pre-Order Product Option: These plugins enable you to designate specific products as available for pre-order. Customers can add these items to their cart and proceed with the pre-order process, even if the product is not yet in stock or available for immediate purchase.
  • Customizable Pre-Order Settings: You have the flexibility to customize various aspects of the pre-order process. This includes setting pre-order limits, specifying release dates, determining availability periods, and defining the maximum number of pre-orders allowed.
  • Communication and Notifications: The WooCommerce Pre-Order plugins give you features to communicate with customers regarding their pre-orders. They can send automated email notifications to inform customers about the status of their pre-orders, such as when the product becomes available or if there are any delays.
  • Partial Payments and Deposits: Some pre-order plugins provide options for partial payments or deposits. This allows customers to secure their pre-orders by paying a portion of the total price upfront, with the remaining balance due later. This feature is especially useful for high-value products or when customers prefer payment flexibility.
  • Countdown Timers and Release Dates: To create anticipation and urgency among customers, pre-order plugins often include countdown timers or display estimated release dates. These features build excitement and encourage customers to place their pre-orders promptly.


List of best WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin 1

The first WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin in the collection is Pre-Orders for WooCommerce. Thanks to it, you can set up pre-orders for out-of-stock products, upcoming releases, or even products under development. It provides a comprehensive back-end interface to manage pre-orders, track stock availability, and send notifications to customers. Further, you can also specify different payment options for pre-orders, such as full payment or partial payment upfront.

Included features:

  • Modify the “Add to Cart” button text
  • Set up a “pre-order” status for both simple and variable products
  • Select a date when the pre-order product will be available
  • Make products available automatically as soon as the pre-order period ends
  • Notify users when products’ pre-order periods are over and they’ve become fully available


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth
  • Nice support

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin 2

Secondly, don’t miss YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce enabling you to accept pre-orders for both physical and digital products. It allows customers to add pre-order items to their cart, and the plugin automatically handles the rest. You can customize the pre-order button, display estimated release dates, and set up a countdown timer to create anticipation among customers. Additionally, the WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin integrates seamlessly with popular WooCommerce add-ons, providing a comprehensive pre-order solution.

Included features:

  • Manually enable the pre-order mode in specific products
  • Schedule an availability date (and time) by picking a date from the calendar
  • Set a different fixed price for products in pre-order mode
  • Set an increase on the product price during the pre-order period
  • Charge pre-orders upfront, when the user pre-orders the product
  • The admin gets an email when a user purchases a pre-order product
  • Customize the pre-order button labe
  • Limit the pre-order product quantity a customer can add to cart for each order


  • Useful
  • Good documentation
  • Various options

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin 3

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce is designed specifically for WooCommerce, offering a comprehensive solution to implement pre-order functionality on your online store. With the help of this WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin, you can easily designate products as available for pre-order, set custom release dates, manage inventory effectively, and communicate with customers regarding their pre-orders. What’s more? It also provides options for partial payments or deposits, countdown timers, and seamless integration with other WooCommerce functionalities.

Included features:

  • Set optional date and time for pre-order products
  • Customize pre-order price for products
  • Edit the Add to cart text button
  • Modify the text when pre-order products have not had availability date and time
  • Display a Pre-order date column on the WooCommerce Product Admin Page
  • Filter products that have the pre-order status on the WooCommerce Product Admin Page


  • Free
  • Simple to customize and manage
  • Flexible

WordPress WooCommerce Pre Order Plugin

Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin 4

Fourthly, let’s take a look at WordPress WooCommerce Pre Order Plugin. This WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin allows you to effortlessly offer pre-order options for upcoming products, ensuring that your customers can secure their purchases in advance. By using it, you can set release dates, manage inventory effectively, and send automated notifications to customers regarding their pre-orders. Moreover, the plugin supports partial payments or deposits, providing flexibility in payment options.

Included features:

  • Set pre-order status and availability date
  • Set custom amount to be paid for pre-ordered product
  • Enable/disable the pre-order reminder email to all the customers
  • Customer can add a new product to the cart along with the pre-order product
  • Email notification to all registered customers for the new pre-order product


  • Great support
  • Effective
  • Time-saving

Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin 5

Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce is the last WooCommerce Pre-Order plugin in the list. It brings you advance orders or backorders for products that are not yet available or out of stock. With the assistance of the plugin, you can easily manage pre-orders, set release dates, and notify customers when their desired products become available. The plugin also comes with flexible payment options, including partial payments or deposits, to cater to different customer preferences.

Included features:

  • Dedicated list for pre orders
  • Button color and test customization options
  • Encourage customers to purchase with customized text
  • Automatic email notification for administrators and customers
  • Have a definite and updated pre-orders overview


  • Free
  • Helpful
  • Lightweight


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