Woocommerce wallet plugins are necessary for your business. It generates new payment methods and helps clients with buying things feasibly. We have suggested the top 8 best pleasing Woocommerce wallet plugins for your business.

How are the Woocommerce Wallet Plugins important for your site?

Keeping clients dependably visit and buy merchandise on your site isn’t easy. One of the courses of solutions is to make the payment method less inconvenient and snappier. With the assistance of Woocommerce wallet plugins, you can make for your own site a complete wallet system that can be utilized to pay for things. Clients can proactively add funds to their virtual wallets on your site. Customers usually find it hard to refuse to finish the order if their deposit is available, isn’t that so? Let’s read the following plugins to explore more amazing features.


Top best Woocommerce Wallet Plugins



TeraWallet empowers your clients to include their cash into an e-wallet at that point purchase your items on your site utilizing that e-wallet. You can set different installment strategy that your clients can include cash into. TeraWallet is one of the most mainstream Woocommerce wallet modules in WordPress, with over 10000+ dynamic establishments.

Key features:

  • Customers choose payment method
  • Set wallet system payment method title
  • Admin refund using wallet money
  • Made partial payment
  • Modify the wallet amont of customers
  • Set cashback amount calculation
  • Users can tranfers money to other users
  • And more


  • Useful plugin
  • Well structured
  • Great support

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker Woocommerce Wallet

Like other Woocommerce wallet modules, Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet permits clients to move cash into computerized coins, which used to be paid for items later on. This installment choice helps clients checkout simpler and snappier. Moreover, a preferred position of this module is capacity to pull back clients’ advanced wallet balance into genuine cash (Paypal record or financial balance).

Key features:

  • Users check out using wallet balance
  • Display top-up form anywhere using shortcodes
  • Choose credit/debit for a specific user
  • Request/transfer funds to another user
  • Cashback for wallet top-up and product purchase
  • Withdraw wallet balance into real money
  • And more


  • Cool features
  • Highly customizable
  • Shortcodes are supported

Wallet System For WooCommerce

Wallet System For Woocommerce

Another plugin you should try is Wallet System For WooCommerce. It comes with a lot of features supports both you and your customers in making online payment easily.

Key features:

  • Customers can top up funds into their WooCommerce wallets using any payment method allowed by the merchant.
  • The merchant can see wallet amounts and the transaction history (filter by users) of all users.
  • If the WooCommerce wallet amount is greater than the order total, it will work as a payment option and will show in payment method selection.
  • Customers can transfer their wallet amount to other users.
  • Merchants can add or remove funds to the wallets of all their customers in bulk.
  • And more


  • Good document
  • Easy to install
  • Good support

Viva Payments – Viva Wallet WooCommerce

Viva Payments – Viva Wallet Woocommerce

Key features:

  • Select payment method
  • Modify the wallet amount of customers
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • Useful
  • Free


Final thoughts

These are 6 great Woocommerce wallet plugins that we believe you find helpful. Now come and pick one as indicated by your essential. Please share your idea about this post by commenting underneath!

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