WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world, and for good reason. It’s easy to use, customizable and can be used to create a wide variety of websites, from personal blogs to e-commerce stores. However, what makes WordPress even more powerful is the ability to use plugins, which are pieces of software that can be added to your website to extend its functionality. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the top current WordPress AI plugins on the market.

What is a WordPress AI plugin?

A WordPress AI plugin is a software add-on that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the functionality of a WordPress website. These plugins can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, from improving website SEO and content organization to optimizing website design and improving user engagement.

WordPress AI plugins can use various AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and computer vision, to analyze website content, user behavior, and other data to provide actionable insights and suggestions for improvement. With the help of AI plugins, website owners can enhance the functionality of their websites and provide better user experiences for their visitors.

List of the best WordPress AI plugins


Wordpress Ai Plugin: Wordlift

WordLift is an AI-powered plugin that helps to improve your website’s SEO and content organization. The WordPress AI plugin uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the content on your website and suggest relevant keywords and entities. It also creates a knowledge graph of your content, which can be used to improve your website’s navigation and search functionality. WordLift can be especially useful for websites with a large amount of content, such as news sites or blogs.

Main features:

  • Support your writing process
  • Enrich content with images, links, and interactive visualizations
  • Produce content compatible with schema.org markup
  • Publish metadata to share, sell and distribute content


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful

AI Engine

Wordpress Ai Plugins: Ai Engine

The AI Engine WordPress plugin is a great WordPress AI plugin for creating your own chatbot like ChatGPT. This revolutionary plugin allows website owners to automatically generate fresh and engaging content for their site with no additional effort! It uses advanced AI technologies to generate fully automated, high-quality content such as blog posts, webpages, and more. Additionally, it has the AI Copilot feature to help you brainstorm ideas and write content that is uniquely yours.

Main features:

  • Add a ChatGPT chatbot
  • Generate fresh and engaging content for your site
  • Train your AI to make it better at specific tasks
  • Moderation of AI for various tasks


  • Useful
  • Nice support

AI Power: Complete AI Pack

Wordpress Ai Plugins: Ai Power: Complete Ai Pack

The AI Power Complete AI Pack is the ultimate WordPress AI plugin for any business looking to benefit from intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing technologies. This plugin provides advanced auto-content writing capabilities, AI-driven assistant functionality, AI training and AI forms to streamline repetitive tasks. With the AI Power plugin, you can quickly and easily automate complex tasks, freeing up precious business resources for other tasks.

Main features:

  • Provide auto content writer
  • AI Assistant integrated with Gutenberg and Classic Editor
  • AI Training
  • Speech-to-Post
  • Text-to-Speech
  • PromptBase


  • Various support language
  • Great documentation

AI ChatBot

Wordpress Ai Plugins: Ai Chatbot

ChatGPT is a remarkable AI chatbot WordPress plugin, powered by either DialogFlow or OpenAI GPT-3, that allows for easy integration and customization. It’s a powerful tool that provides an environment for creating a floating chatbot on website which can respond to simple text messages. ChatGPT is loaded with an impressive range of features, offering great flexibility and power, while minimizing maintenance and effort.

Main features:

  • Create and manage your ChatBot
  • One click import for Small Talk within Simple text responses
  • Set on which pages the chat bot will display
  • Change all the bot responses from language settings


  • Easy to set up
  • Effective

AI Content Writing Assistant

Wordpress Ai Plugins: Ai Content Writing Assistant

AI Content Writing Assistant WordPress plugin is a useful WordPress AI plugin. With the auto content writer, image generator, and 16 different content structures, you can generate content with the highest accuracy and quality matching your desired requirements. Further, it also offers 20 different writing styles to choose from, allowing you to match the tone of voice and the style of your content to the right audience. Thanks to the integration of ChatGPT-3, adds an extra layer of quality to the written content while minimizing the time and resources required to produce the content.

Main features:

  • AI Content Writer & Image Generator
  • Suggest and replace titles for previous posts or pages
  • Various content structures, writing styles and witing tones
  • SEO optimization option


  • Free
  • Good documentation

10Web AI Assistant

Wordpress Ai Plugins: 10Web Ai Assistant

The 10Web AI Assistant plugin for WordPress is a revolutionary new way to interact with your website content. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically create and edit content for you, quickly and accurately. Whether you’re using the Gutenberg block editor or the Classic Editor, the AI can generate top-notch content for you, ensuring your site has a consistent and professional tone of voice. Besides, it also keeps it up to date, allowing you to free up time and focus on other aspects of your web presence.

Main features:

  • Create content, paragraphs, outlines, copies, paraphrased text, etc
  • Support for Gutenberg block editor and Classic Editor
  • Improve content creativity, readability, and style


  • Free
  • Easy to use

Bertha AI

Wordpress Ai Plugins: Bertha Ai

Bertha AI – an innovative WordPress AI plugin is based on the GPT-3 language model by OpenAI, which helps to provide businesses with the opportunity to create powerful and imaginative visuals from the content of their imagination and craft product descriptions and persuasive selling points. By utilizing modern language technology, businesses can create unique visuals and product descriptions that capture attention and convey the tone of the brand in the best way possible.

Main features:

  • Write image description and search for AI images automatically
  • Write product descriptions
  • Create articles and blog posts that are audience and conversion-focused
  • Create SEO Titles and Meta Tags


  • Wonderful instruction
  • Helpful


Wordpress Ai Plugins: Getgenie

If you are a content creator looking for an efficient tool to help you generate and optimize high-quality content, then the GetGenie WordPress plugin is the answer. This plugin boasts 30+ customizable templates, allowing you to choose the tone and style best suited for your target audience with ease. What’s more, by using AI-driven content generation, you can quickly build outlines for your blog posts or any sort of content without compromising its quality.

Main features:

  • 30+ templates are available for quality content and copywriting
  • Competitor’s blog or content analysis data
  • Idea generation for microblogs
  • On-page SEO score for better optimization
  • OpenAI GPT 3 DaVinci Compatible


  • Easy to customize
  • Great support


AI is rapidly transforming the way we interact with technology, and WordPress is no exception. With these top WordPress AI plugins, you can take advantage of the latest AI technology to improve your website’s functionality, engagement, and user experience. Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or website developer, these plugins can help you build up your site effectively.

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