There are plenty of methods to increase traffic for your site. And using WordPress Quiz Plugin is one of the most effective solutions based on the number of ratings. If you are confused since you don’t know which is the most suitable WordPress Quiz Plugin for your site, the blog today is for you.

The reason why should you install WordPress Quiz Plugins

Firstly, by using this tool, you easily create unlimited question quizzes and apply them to all participants at the same time which means everybody can take part in and answer the same question simultaneously. Thanks to that, you can save time and cost.

Secondly, this tool allows you to create a question bank. In addition, it helps you to randomize the questions as well as randomize the answer. Therefore, the question that will be displayed are always flexible.

Thirdly, the plugin enables you to set a timer for question quizzes. In this way, when the timer ends, the answer will be submitted automatically.

The following plugins will help you a lot, let’s check them out and choose the best one.

Top Useful WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Quiz Cat – Wordpress Quiz Plugin

Quiz Cat is a great WordPress Quiz Plugin that has a lot of user engagement. In addition, this plugin also enables you to generate a quiz and then insert the quiz block into your website in real-time. Thanks to this plugin, you can generate as many as quizzes you like without any limitation. You can refer to Quiz Cat vs Quiz Maker comparison to get more useful information.

Provided features:

  • Create unlimited quizzes
  • Add your quiz block to your website
  • Give your website its own “digital glue”
  • Reveal quizzes to your friends


  • Simple
  • Great customer service
  • An awesome plugin

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker

This WordPress Quiz Plugin enables you to create a quiz for your site very quickly just via some simple steps. In addition, there are a lot of kinds of questions that you can be free select. It also enables you to create as many as quizzes without any limitations.

Provided features:

  • Randomize answers
  • Only for logged in users option
  • Show correct answers
  • Text for right/wrong answers
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Results sheet
  • Question Image
  • Fields for user data collection


  • Good support
  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • Awesome Support Team

Formidable Form Builder – Contact Forms, Surveys & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPress

Formidable Form Builder – Contact Forms, Surveys &Amp; Quiz Forms Plugin For Wordpress

Formidable Form Builder is one of the most powerful WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin on the market. By using this WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can generate contact forms, quiz forms, payment forms, email marketing forms and so on for your site. What’s more, this plugin also enables you to view all of your forms and survey entries from your WordPress dashboard.

Provided features:

  • Repeating field groups
  • Drag and drop multiple file upload forms
  • Online drag and drop form builder
  • Display form data with Views
  • Add password fields with a password strength meter
  • Collect reviews with star ratings
  • Multi-step forms with progress bars
  • Cascading lookup fields


  • Straightforward to use
  • Best Support
  • Awesome form builder

Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress: WP Quiz

Best Quiz Plugin For Wordpress: Wp Quiz

This WordPress Quiz Plugin enables you to generate quizzes for your site easily. Thanks to it, you can impress your customers and maintain their engagement. What’s more, your vistors can also have an ability to join in the quizzes that you created and you can create as many as quizzes that you like via this plugin.

Provided features:

  • Flip Quiz Type
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Add Image or Video
  • Option to Show Image Credit
  • Add Unlimited Quizzes
  • Responsive Quizzes
  • Use With Any WordPress Theme
  • Trivia Quiz Type
  • Personality Quiz Type
  • Traditional Skin
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Auto-Scroll to Next Question
  • And more


  • Simple and Effective
  • Lots Of Potential
  • Great support

Quiz And Survey Master – Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Quiz And Survey Master – Best Quiz Plugin For Wordpress

Quiz And Survey Master allows you to create surveys for your website in real-time and you can also have the ability to customize your text. What’s more, there are a lot of kinds of questions that can be included in this plugin such as true and false, fill in the blank, number, captcha, multiple-choice and so on.

Provided features:

  • Limit amount of total entries to quiz or survey
  • Set amount of tries a user
  • Enable comment boxes for each question
  • Set up time limits on the quiz or survey
  • Create and display math formulas
  • Enable hints for questions
  • Show the user why the answer is the correct answer
  • Keep track how long a user takes on the quiz


  • Good value
  • Awesome
  • Very useful plugin

Forminator Payment, Quiz and Contact Form Plugin

Forminator Payment, Quiz And Contact Form Plugin

Here is totally free of charge plugin. By using this plugin, you are able to generate any form for your site easily such as quizzes, service estimators, contact forms, registration forms and so on. Thanks to it, you can get more information, create more conversion and make your content become more interactive.

Provided features:

  • Add a BMI and/or calorie intake calculator
  • Embed a loan calculator into your finance site
  • Registration forms with upgrade packages
  • Sell a tee shirt with size, color, price, and tax variations
  • Give a midwife a due date calculator
  • Instant-quote or service estimator


  • Wonderful
  • Easy to use
  • Great plugin

HD Quiz

Hd Quiz

HD Quiz provides you an ability to create interesting quizzes for your website very easily. Thanks to this WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can generate as many as quizzes that you want and then insert them into any page or post that you like. Moreover, you can also insert links or pictures into your quiz results.

Provided features:

  • Add links or images to quiz results
  • Each question can have its own tooltip
  • Share quizzes across Facebook and Twitter
  • Image-based answers
  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each quiz has individual options
  • Quiz Timer – Set a time limit to complete the quiz
  • Pagination
  • The question as title/heading
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support
  • Most intuitive

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form &Amp; Quiz Maker By Opinionstage

Here is a great WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin that enables you to create quizzes, feedback surveys, opinion polls,  BuzzFeed-syle quizzes very easily. In addition, this WordPress Quiz Plugin also allows you to insert photos or videos into your quizzes and surveys. It also notifies you with email on quiz & survey submissions.

Provided features:

  • Integrate with social networks.
  • Display poll & survey results in real-time.
  • Advanced analytics dashboard for quizzes and surveys
  • Use Survey and quiz branch logic
  • Notify with email on quiz & survey submissions.
  • Add call to actions at the end of quizzes & surveys.
  • Integrate images & videos into the polls, quizzes, and surveys.
  • White label the widgets and add your own logo.


  • Fun and Simple to Use
  • Effective tool
  • Convenient and attractive


To sum up, we hope that this collection of the top best WordPress Quiz Plugins will give you some useful options. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you believe it is great, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Last but not least, whenever you have an intention to renew you site interface, let’s have a look at free WordPress themes to get an eye-catching and responsive themes for your site.

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