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The built-in JEvents Filters in default include:

  • Category – allow to filter based on category
  • Search – allow to search by text string
  • Justmine – search events made by user searching
  • Startdate – search by a set date, date range, ‘On or after’ or before date. This is a special filter which is created to work from admin panel below the list of events when you log in as creator event. It only works here and set default in 2 weeks (in the past) at the first setup
  • Published – search by Unpublished or Published events
  • Reset – this is a reset button for clearing filters of current searches.

To find what filters you can use, just simply look in to the plugins/jevents/filters/ folder. From here you can see files which are Taglookup.php, Locationsearch.php, Customfield.php, Locationcategory.php,… If you have more addons, you will have more available filters. From Joomla 2.5, you should find every sub folder which matches the pattern plugins/jevents/*/filters/

In general, the filter names should show what they do. In order to use those filters, let’s take the file name without “.php”, then change the name to a lower case (notice that SHOULD NOT touch actual files, since this is just the way you find the right string for using in filter).

For example, “Locationsearch.php” will be taken by the name “locationsearch”, then you can search on locations (including location name, city and more).

In order to add filters to module, please add them by a list of comma separates in the module “parameters”. For example “search, category, locationsearch”. Let’s take a look at the image below:

Target Menu Item –  control the way JEvents Menu Item control layout and events…

When to reset filters? – You can find this option in V3.x Package install of JEvents, it allows reset automatically the filters based on your choice.

Disable output on non-jevents pages – not show the module during the time you are not on JEvents Pages.

Show in Event Details? – When you dont want to filter to find events like you have got from your search, it brings you an option to allow user to search on event details or not

You can place filter module in one of the special JEvents available module positions, so you can create a special filtered views for events.

That’s it! If you have any question or relating problem, please let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!


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