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Embed PDF files into your site with the top best WordPress PDF Plugin!

As you may know, WordPress cannot create as well as embed PDF files for your posts and pages. Therefore, in order to do it, you absolutely need the help of a plugin. Understanding your need, today, in this article, we help you pick up several powerful WordPress PDF Plugin that may be helpful for you. Let’s take a look and choose the best one for your site!

1. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

PDF Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress plugin WordPress org

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft is a great WordPress PDF Plugin that enables you to generate PDF files as well as print them very easily and quickly. In addition, you can also have an ability to insert buttons of PDF and print into your WordPress pages, widgets and posts.

Provided features:

  • Display data generated by shortcodes
  • Add a title and featured image
  • Add buttons to the widget area
  • Add buttons via shortcode
  • Set button type
  • Automatically add PDF & Print buttons
  • Set custom featured image size
  • Set PDF document size
  • And more


  • Excellent Utility
  • Very good support
  • Really Awesome

2. PDF Image Generator

PDF Image Generator – WordPress plugin WordPress org

PDF Image Generator allows you to alter the cover page into jpeg and then attach it as a thumbnail file. What’s more, this plugin also enables you to show a thumbnail icon as well as add PDF link into the editor comes with a cover photo. You can also set PDF as a photo and use its functions in a similar way as a photo file.

Provided features:

  • Hide Generated Image file
  • Replace link text with JPG
  • Delete Generated Image
  • Manage and output Generated Image
  • Set PDF as Featured Image
  • Allow controlling the maximum size of Generated Image
  • Set PDF as Featured Image and to use functions


  • Super stuff
  • Work perfectly
  • Great plugin


DK PDF – WordPress plugin WordPress org

DK PDF is a PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin that gives you the option of altering your WordPress pages and posts into PDF files just by using a simple button. Moreover, you can also insert custom fonts to the PDF as well as configure the header and footer of PDF and insert custom CSS, custom logo and so on.

Provided features:

  • Add PDF button in posts and pages
  • Configure PDF header and footer
  • Add custom logo, custom CSS and more
  • Copy plugin templates for PDF customizations
  • Multiple shortcodes
  • Add custom fonts to the PDF


  • Works great
  • Perfect for e-books
  • Simple and effective

4. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder – WordPress plugin WordPress org

This plugin allows you to upload as well as insert PDF files into your site easily. In addition, this plugin also helps you to size PDF files automatically to their natural shape and size so that it can save you a large amount of time. It also includes a special method for you to embed PDF files via Javascript.

Provided features:

  • Full-screen mode
  • Edit page number to jump straight to page
  • Download button in the toolbar
  • Continuous scroll between pages
  • Hyperlinks are fully functional
  • Secure option
  • Track number of downloads and views


  • Works very well
  • Great support
  • Simple but effective

5. WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin – WordPress plugin WordPress org

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin is a great option if you want to find a WordPress PDF Plugin for your site. By using it, you are able to insert any types of PDF documents into your WordPress site with thumbnail navigation such as normal, big or even very big files.

Provided features:

  • Unlimited PDF files.
  • Clear default look
  • CLI integration
  • Bulk PDF Import
  • Lazy loading pages integrated.
  • Pages zoom.
  • Pages navigation.
  • PDF Downloading
  • Dashboard flipbook preview.
  • Slider thumbnails navigation integrated.
  • And more


  • Easy and working
  • Perfect and beautiful
  • Awesome Indeed

6. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF – WordPress plugin WordPress org

WP Advanced PDF is a great plugin that allows blog readers to generate PDF of posts of your blogs. What’s more, you can have the ability to set a limit for PDF files for users who were registered and then display links to all visitors. You can also set a custom bullet style as well as insert watermark texts and photos to make PDF files become wonderful.

Provided features:

  • A pdf extract link into your blog
  • Include the header logo to pdf.
  • Set a custom bullet style.
  • Add watermark text and images
  • Customize fonts of header and content
  • Easily change margins, alignment, and pages
  • Set a file name for pdf
  • Set default blog title for pdf


  • Great plugin
  • Absolutely recommended
  • Compatible

7. PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer – WordPress plugin WordPress org

PDF Viewer is a PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin which is very easy to use. This plugin enables you to insert a PDF document into your site very easily. Moreover, it is also completely compatible with HTML5 and this plugin is powered by Mozilla PDF.js script.

Provided features:

  • Embed PDF document on site
  • HTML5-compliant
  • Powered by Mozilla PDF.js script


  • Useful plugin
  • Very elegant
  • Sophisticated


WordPress PDF Plugin is the best solution for you to embed PDF files into your site. Besides, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress themes to get some beautiful designs for your site.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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