In this article, I’ll introduce summary The RegEx Files and Directories Exclusion In Akeeba Backup.

Note: This feature is available only in Akeeba Backup Professional, the paid version of our component.

RegEx Files and Directories Exclusion

This page primarily consists of a grid view. Above the grid, you can find the Root Directory drop-down menu. Akeeba Backup can define filters for the site’s files or for each of the off-site directories separately.

The grid contains three columns:

  • Icons columnYou can perform the basic operation by clicking on this column’s icons:
  1. Trashcan: When you click it, the filter row will be removed.
  2. Pencil: When you click it, the row switches to edit mode.
  3. Add: Clicking this icon adds a new row at the end of the list and switches it to edit mode. You can select the type of the newly added.
  • TypeThe filter type defines what will happen when a directory or file matches the regex filter and can be one of:
  1. Exclude directory: Completely skips backing up the given subdirectory.
  2. Exclude file: Completely skips backing up the given file.
  3. Skip subdirectories: Skips backing up all the subdirectories inside the given directory.
  4. Skip files: Skips backing up all the files inside the given directory.
  • Filter ItemThis is the actual regular expression you have to write.

RegEx Files and Directories Exclusion – Edit Mode

When you click on the pencil or add icons, the respective row enters the edit mode. In this mode, the filter type becomes a drop-down list where you can select the type of this filter row.

  • Diskette: When you click it, the changes will be saved.
  • Cancel: When you click it, any changes will be cancelled and the row will resume its previous state.
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